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My Fabulous Coworkers

I was asked to take a group shot of everyone at work as a parting gift for one of our coworkers, who is leaving to join the Computer Science faculty at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and “pursue a career in teaching and bioinformatics research”. So, once again I borrowed Steve’s Mamiya 6 x Read More

Film Photography Ain’t Easy

As part of an informal project at work, I’m shooting high resolution photographs all of my company’s campuses. I got excellent results on the shots of our Emeryville office. Unfortunately, the shots I took this week of three buildings in Santa Clara are useless. Even though I carried a digital camera and shot numerous test Read More

Some Very Smart People

I have the good fortune to work with some incredibly bright people. Today I was asked to take photgraphs of a few of them. The images are to be printed in a scientific paper soon to be published in The Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Meet Ann Loraine, Mike Siani-Rose and Melissa Cline. The Read More

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