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Cinema4D UV Mapping

Today I learned the best way to wrap a 2D graphic around a 3D object in Cinema4D. I also played a bit with instancing. Here is the result of today’s experimentation. I am so impressed with this renderer! You have to admit, the realism here is amazing – and I can make it better without Read More

How Does This Happen?

I just saw this in front of our office. Great googly-moogly! Read More

Life Show Logo

Another super-fun project at work. This treatment is over the top again, but so much fun to create, AND it makes a whacky wallpaper for my iMac. Regular readers may notice that the scene was borrowed from an earlier experiment. Read More

Latest Ad Mockup

As is often the case, I have almost no idea what this product is or what it does, but I think I understand what the ad represents – the fact that something which used to require a whole bunch of time, effort and money just got a lot more accessible and way cheaper. Read More

Impossible Photo Shoot

Occasionally marketing asks for things that are (nearly) impossible to shoot. Like when they asked me to photograph a stack of sixty three 96-well microtiter plates on a white background. I don’t have a studio at work, but luckily, I do have one inside my computer. Thank you Cinema4D! Read More

This Little Chip Will Change the World

View the announcement here. Pretty exciting stuff! Read More

My Office Wallpaper

Sized to fit my 30-incher. Kelly says it’s too shiny. I say it’s not shiny enough! Read More

Trying to Get Into a Holiday Mood

Read More

You Can Do It Too!

I made this totally original motivational poster for my company last weekend. Model Marina was awesome. She really nailed the part. Shot with a $95 lens and hand-held FourSquare against a yellow wall in the office. PhotoShop makes it perfect. Read More

Happy Halloween!

Meet Guanine, Cytosine, Adenine and Thymine — who sometimes pose as Grace, Shauna, Lauren and Phoebe. Read More

Another PGM Rendering

Most of you have noticed that I haven’t been posting a lot lately. The main reason for this is that I am so busy at work. When I’m not tending to IT tasks, I use every spare cycle rendering one thing or another. I really love doing this work, but it consumes a lot of Read More

Ion Torrent West

I feel extraordinarily lucky to be working with these fabulous folks every day — without a doubt, the best team I’ve ever worked with. It’s truly amazing what you can accomplish with the right group of people. Read More

New Job, New Commute

The first thing you’ll notice is that it covers a lot more ground than my previous commute. And a bridge. Compressed to 38 seconds, this works out to about 1,700 miles per hour. If only it were possible to get to the office this fast! I love my new job! The commute? Not so much. Read More

Busy Boy

Whew! What a month it’s been! The lack of blog activity only hints at how busy I’ve been. My new job is chewing up every free moment, and I love it. If you know me, you know that I’m happiest when I’m busy. The new job is a blast. I have control over lots of Read More

Neomorphic Ten Year Reunion

Ten years ago I got a job at Neomorphic, Inc. — a small start-up with a big idea and a fabulous group of individuals who, as a team, definitely got ‘er done. I am extremely lucky to have been part of this amazing team, led by Martin Reese, Cyrus Harmon and Gregg Helt. Thanks to Read More

An Exciting New Direction

After ten great years at Affymetrix, thedude is moving on to what will hopefully prove to be greener pastures. Read More

Blustery Day on the Bay

With temperatures on the bay hovering around 50 degrees, it might not have been an ideal day for a Hornblower Cruise. Nevertheless, the mighty IT team braved the elements and posed for the obligatory group shot. Read More

IT Picnic, 2009

It’s my duty to shoot the IT group at our annual picnic. I’m quite pleased with this one. I had planned to PhotoShop myself into the scene, but no matter how I try, I always come out looking like a cardboard cutout. Next year I’ll bring a tripod. 🙂 Read More

Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day Read More

Affymetrix Rolls Out New Web Site!

The official launch date is Monday, but lucky readers of can take a look at the new site deign now. It’s a huge improvement over the old site, both aesthetically and performance-wise. I’m very proud to have been a part of this effort. Yay! Read More

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