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Some graffiti is better

Spotted at the corner of 17th and Broadway today. Look at the artist’s gallery for a better view of this awesome art. Read More

Women’s March, Oakland

Oakland’s contribution to world-wide protests against the Trumpocalypse was as colorful as you would expect. The peaceful event lifted my spirits and those of the estimated 85,000+ who participated. Way to go women (and men) of Oakland! The rest of the day’s shots are here. Read More

The Brenizer Method

This weekend I learned of the Brenizer Method This photographic technique creates images of very high resolution and very shallow depth of field. The resulting “bokeh panorama” simulates the look of a very large (8 x 10) format camera with your basic digital camera. Excellent! I could not wait to try this for myself, but Read More

One Man’s Castle

This is Al. I’ve seen Al and his collection of dozens of customized shopping carts moving – ever so slowly – from place to place along my morning commute. I have never seen such a massive collection of well, stuff. Look closely at some of the contraptions he’s built here. I like the functional bits Read More

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Light Painting

I was motivated to take a few shots during a 6 – 1/2 hour power outage last night. I figured the unusual lighting might produce some interesting results. I brought along a flashlight so I could see where I was walking, and figured it might be fun to try and do add drama to my Read More

My New Favorite Lens

Steve has an 85mm f1.4 Nikkor lens for sale. I’d love to own it, but even used, this is one expensive lens! This led me into a search for alternatives, which led me to an entire Flickr group devoted to this interesting lens. I was impressed that these beautiful images were made with this amazingly Read More

Gettin’ Better All the Time

Things just keep getting better and better in the Jack London District. It’s been a long time coming, but it seems almost every week, there’s a new and exciting business opening in the area. Last night we dined at a new restaurant two blocks away – Encuentro. The 100% vegetarian menu was 100% delicious. And Read More

Oakland Marathon!

For the first time in 25 years, Oakland played host to a marathon today. Six thousand People of all shapes and sizes come out to run and watch the 26 mile course on a beautiful Sunday morning. I love it. Go Oakland! Read More

One Walk, One Lens

We had good lighting for a while this afternoon, so I went out with my crazy sharp 14 – 24 mm lens and took these shots – all within two blocks of our loft. I really love Oakland, and would happily stay here forever, but it’s sometimes easy to see why not everyone feels this Read More

San Pablo Ave

Some scenes form my morning commute. The sunny side of San Pablo Avenue is loaded with photo opportunities. Grand Openings are everywhere. I like the sign that reads, “24 pieces CHICKEN just only $9.50”. This proves once again that a series of photos of ANYTHING can be at least mildly interesting when displayed as a Read More

One Way

I noticed the two homes painted in exactly the same shade of green on San Pablo during my walk. I wondered about that until I saw the sign. Obviously, there was only one way to paint it. Read More

Colorful Oakland

My fabulous city is nothing if not colorful. Read More

Work in Progress

The sign bears the image of a snail, which I guess speaks to the pace of said progress. This image barely does justice the the sheer volume of stuff in and around this person’s home. I’ll be back for more pictures soon. Read More

Within Walking Distance

So, here’s an idea. Last weekend I had a visit from my old friend Sciatica. The last time I felt this exquisite pain, I wound up having back surgery. It’s hard to believe that it was 23 years ago. Even so, that’s not long enough for me to forget the pain. So, since I know Read More