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Still on My Wish-List :-)

This little silent PC is even more appealing now that they’ve announced an ATX version. Oh yeah, and don’t forget these. Read More

Wish List Item Number 6

I should not even need to mention this, but just to be perfectly clear… Of course I want an iPod! Doesn’t everyone? UPDATE: My truly wonderful wife bought me a 30 gig iPod for my birthday! Woo-hoo! (Now I just need that Mac laptop…) Read More

Wish List Item Number 5

Here it is! The digital camera I’ve been dreaming about. Along with blistering speed and high resolution, this beauty can upload images to my network wirelessly – even while shooting! A major breakthrough – I want it now! After looking at the incredible 360 degree VR’s in my last post, I want to get started Read More

Wish-List Item Number 4

Plantronics Cordless Phone UPDATE: Too late – I just ordered it. Read More

Jim’s Christmas List Item #3

I really need six of these. The sooner the better. Read More

Jim’s Christmas List Item #2

How ’bout this wristwatch/USB hard drive? It would make a perfect stocking-stuffer, don’t ya think? 😉 Read More

My way-before-Christmas wish-list

I know – it’s a bit early, but I just saw this this little beauty. I want one! (Maybe I should buy one for my wife – wink, wink.) Read More

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