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Most High Mollusk

I don’t like to post sad news on, but I cannot ignore the untimely loss of my long-time friend, JimmyD.

Suffice it to say that my memories of him and the amazingly great times we had over the last 50-odd years will live on forever. I know that all CLAMs will remember JimmyD forever as the Highest of all the Great Mollusks. I know he wouldn’t have wished for more.

Rest in peace, my Brother.

James Was Here


OK – I’ve been feeling kinda bad. My pal Jim visited for a week, and, despite great conversation, great weather and meals at places like Haven, Sea Salt and of course Chop Bar, I took a grand total of one photograph. With a cheap-ass point-and-click. I guess it could have been worse – I could have used a cell phone. There’s no excuse for this.

I was stumped at what to do, and Jim solved the dilemma by posting a really amazing shot of a few of the more than 50 orchids he has blossoming in his kitchen right now. In Madison Wisconsin. In January. I find this amazing. There is absolutely zero chance of me ever being capable of creating anything even remotely like this. I’m in awe.

It was great to hang with you, Dude. Always enlightening in so many ways.

Wisconsin Winter Weather Woes

Access to one of the most important destinations in Burlington, Wisconsin has been hindered by a four foot snow drift.

My forecast is that thirsty residents will grab their shovels and clear a path to their beloved watering hole by beer-thirty.

Scanning — Again

Yes, Kelly found a stack of old negatives, and I’m back at it. These days, I basically have the scanner running whenever I’m at the computer. I load up the negative carrier, preview scan a bunch of images, and final scan the best ones. The process is time-consuming, but my new computer is fast enough that I can now run the scanner software in the background pretty much no matter what I’m doing, which is sometimes quite a lot. So, in an evening I can now get 6 or 8 scans done – sometimes without even having to reboot. Yay Windows!

So, I have this shot of Dave that is much taller than it is wide, but man, it looks really nice if you happen to have a your 1600×1200 pixel display in portrait orientation. So there ya go.

Jim and Wendy Celebrate in the Bay Area

Our foodie friends Jim and Wendy dropped in while celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss. Congratulations to both of you, and thanks for giving us a reason to visit some of the best the Bay Area has to offer. I’m full now.

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