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A View of the Third Floor at Affymetrix, Emeryville

I’m very impressed with the results produced by the latest version of PhotoVista. I forgot to level the camera for this panorama, and the results are still nearly perfect. There are still a few steps involved to get this kind of quality. Shoot 8 RAW images using a Nikkor 14mm lens with the camera in Read More

Two Places at Once?

thedude proves it’s possible. I should mention that I used the latest version of PhotoVista to stitch this together. The original 17,860 pixel-wide version is the best “automatic” stitch I’ve ever produced – at least in terms of stitch accuracy. The new version’s automatic lens detection is a real time-saver. This means that for most Read More

I Like 360 Degree Panoramas, Too

Australian Peter Murphy regularly posts awesome 360 degree QTVR’s on his Panoramic VR Weblog. I find these panoramas to be so immersive! The next best thing to being there. Mr. Murphy has given a lot of thought to 3D panorama techniques, and you can see this in his wonderful results. Of course, if you like Read More

You Might as Well Just Bookmark This Site

It just continues to amaze me. I recommend you check out all of the full-screen VR’s! Read More

Amazing New York VR

Thanks, Carl for pointing me to this incredible shot of New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Read More

Big Fat Creek Wedding

Kelly and I drove to Fresno over the weekend to attend the marriage of our friends Scott and Cindy. I was not the official photographer, so I did not have the sort of equipment I would have needed to take good shots of the bride and groom. I wanted to give them something unique, so Read More

Greenwich Village Panorama

I took about 10 of these panoramas so that I’d be sure to get one that would stitch together nicely. I was absolutely determined to share the view from Lelah’s balcony with all of you. Click on the image below to view a 180+ degree panorama of the view. The file is quite large, (400K) Read More

Unbelievably Cool VR Tours

Thanks to Carl Parkes for introducing me to this stunning web site. The site features breathtaking full-screen Quicktime VR images. The technical quaility of the images is the best I have seen, and the locations are amazing. The image that originally caught Carl’s eye is a full 360 degree view taken from the inside of Read More

Virtual Tours

If you have never clicked on my Virtual Tours link – do it now. If you’re interested, I used four different cameras in the making of these, but just one piece of software – PhotoVista – dataing back to the days when it was part of John Scully’s Live Picture. (Later it was owned by Read More