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Bar B C Ranch

Chris’ grandfather, Struthers Burt, founded the first dude ranch in Wyoming – the Bar B C. We toured what remains of this historic ranch.

DSC_0147.jpg DSC_0124.jpg
DSC_0143.jpg DSC_0140.jpg
DSC_0130.jpg DSC_0149.jpg

An attempt is being made at restoring the site, but so far, the birthplace of Chris’ dad (seen above) remains as it was – untouched for decades.

Our Wonderful Wives

Chris and I have much in common, but by far the best thing we share is our beautiful wives. (Hm. That doesn’t sound exactly right…) There is nothing like the feeling that comes with knowing you’ll share the rest of your life with the kindest, most loving, most talented and beautiful women you have ever known. We are s-o-o-o lucky!

DSC_0186.jpg DSC_0034.jpg
DSC_0069.jpg DSC_0253.jpg

Ansel, 1, thedude, 0

The scene has changed a lot since 1941, and I had very little snow and no clouds at all to work with. So that’s my excuse. DSC_0053.jpg

More from Wyoming

Chris knows this part of the world like the back of his hand, so he took us to several of his favorite spots. He led us on a few short hikes and one very long one. (More on that later.) We drove up Shadow Mountain, (Google Earth Placemark) and back down to Jenny Lake for a dip in the cold clear water. We visited the original Bar B C Ranch and saw the cabin where Chris’ dad was born.

DSC_0038.jpg DSC_0030.jpg
DSC_0167.jpg DSC_0110.jpg
DSC_0154.jpg DSC_0172.jpg

Grand Tetons Panorama

I saw numerous examples of images like these in galleries throughout Jackson. (The cabin in the scenes below is the most photographed structure in the park.) Many were shot with a large format camera and exhibited breathtaking sharpness and supernatural colors.

DSC_0045.jpg DSC_0039.jpg

One thing that these images have in common – yes, even those shot by thedude – is that none of them would look quite this good without serious manipulations in PhotoShop. (Shhh… They’ll never notice.)

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