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Another spectacular view as we leave Jackson, Wyoming.

I Truly Hate Hiking

Unless of course it’s near Jackson, Wyoming.

Hiking isn’t the only thing we did in Jackson Hole. We also shopped and ate way too much. And of course, we took a few pictures. (Some of the best shots from this trip were shot by the Kellster!)

It’s hard to pick favorites. Here are just a few highlights.

Anyway, I need a break. It’s nice to be back at work so I can finally relax!

Last Look at Wyoming, 2011

I’m afraid I’ll start to bore you, so this is the last of the pix for now.

Wyoming Postcard

Even at f22, the depth of focus is too shallow. Jason’s right. I need tilts and swings. Damn. What’s cheaper, a decent used 4 x 5 rig or one of these?

OK – Enough with the Work Already!

Let’s get back to that vacation thing. I like that better…

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