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Sai Nam Phung Orchids

The orchids look exactly like sexy, happy angel bees, don’t they?

_DSC0129a.jpg _DSC0132a.jpg
_DSC0140a.jpg _DSC0119b.jpg

Lost in Translation

There are many, many examples of this. I’m not exactly sure why it happens so often in a country with so many English-speaking inhabitants and visitors. It must be a matter of pride. A situation where the boss speaks “perfect” English, and no one will challenge his or her interpretations. Maybe. I don’t know.

lost_1.jpg _DSC0573.jpg lost_2.jpg _DSC0572.jpg

One of the funnier examples of this sort of mis-translation was seen by Richard Lair at the Elephant Conservatory. I was not able to obtain photographic proof, but Richard claimed that he saw a fresh-faced teenage Thai girl wearing a t-shirt that screamed “Fuck You, You Pricking Fuck!”

Safely Home

We arrived safely after our 20+ hours of flying from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to Taipei to San Francisco. We’re happy to be back, but will certainly remember our first trip to Thailand fondly forever.


Now that I’m back at my trusty computer, I can do things that I could not do from an Internet cafe in Thailand. For example, I can create these panoramic shots. The first is the view from the 15th floor of the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok. (Just accross the river, behind the large white boat, you can just make out the remnants of a large billboard that collapsed moments before this shot was taken.)


The second panorama was shot on our drive from Chiang Mai to Pai. I’m glad I took this shot when I did, because it turned out to be by far the clearest day we experienced while in Thailand.

Seeing these makes me wish I had had the time and the equipment needed to shoot panoramas at some of the temples we visited. The landscape in those placecs was other-worldly, and really needs to be seen in a full 360 degrees to be fully appreciated. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to return to Thailand soon. 🙂


Our three hour drive to Pai was beautiful – for most of us. It turns out that poor Ben is highly succeptible to car sickness. Luckily, we finished the drive without incident and were completely thrilled by what we found that the Muang Pai Resort. The place is beautiful – even in the middle of the dry season.

3_pai.jpg 3_pai_3.jpg
3_pai_4.jpg 3_pai_3.jpg

Soon after we arrived, we drove into Pai and really did surprise our friend Eric at his Happy Yim Restaurant. He claims that we are the first friends from the states to pay him a visit.

Well, I have much more to say, and many more images to post, but with just a few hours left in Thailand, I’d better get out of this internet cafe. I think I just saw Ben and Kelly take off with the last of our cash… 🙂

See you all soon!

Dinner and a Movie

Last night’s dinner at the Flower Restaurant was definitely one of our favorite events so far. The food – almost all of which was either entirely made of or included flowers – was delicious, and the bill for our group of 20+ people was just under 100 bucks, but the best part was the company. Chris and Ben have a very interesting circle of friends here – each of whom has quite a story to tell.

3_flower_1.jpg 3_flower_2.jpg
3_flower_3.jpg 3_flower_4.jpg
3_flower_a.jpg 3_flower_b.jpg
3_flower_c.jpg 3_flower_x.jpg

After dinner, we strolled over to the set of a movie with a working title of Kingdom of Silence. The movie stars Christopher Walken, I think. Our friend Joe Cummings plays a drug dealer in one scene, and even has a line – “This shit will make you fl-y-y-y.”

We’ll be leaving for Pai in about an hour. Coincidentally, Joe and the members of a Colorado band whose name escapes me at the moment are also travelling to Pai today. We confirmed last night that our friend Eric is indeed there. We hope to give him quite a surprise.

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