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What I’ve Learned About Photography

We all know this – and it’s absolutely true. Hardware has almost nothing to do with the quality of your work. I’m convinced that results don’t even have much to do with skill. What it’s about is motivation.


I mean, what if I had shot the images in the collages I hung in our hallway tonight with a more expensive camera? Would the end result be dramatically better? I doubt it. Is there anything special about the techniques I used to produce these images. No. Anyone with a modest PC and a $300 digital camera could have done this. What makes this special is that I actually did it. It took some time – maybe 15 hours worth of fiddling with the thousand or so images I shot in Thailand – but these simple collages could have been assembled by anyone who was simply motivated to do it.

So, here’s my challenge to you. Get out there – take a couple zillion pictures. Use your imagination! Do something unique – or not. Print it large. Print it small, sideways, out-of-focus, with false color – whatever – just do it! You’ll be glad you did. Share your results with the rest of us. Display it proudly on your wall. Your friends will swear you have real talent! Really!

And then I’ll tell you why I need to have a new Nikon D2X. 🙂

Official Thai Photo Pose?

Here’s a funny thing about Thai people. A photographer friend told me that they’d all strike a certain pose whenever a camera is pointed at them – and sure enough – they do!

A Few More From Thailand

_DSC0583.jpg elephant.jpg _DSC0566a.jpg

At the Risk of Boring You…

vertical_wall_art_flattened_web.jpg…I feel compelled to share with you what I just made for the office. I think it’s pretty dang neat. Click on the image to view a low resolution (1.2 megabyte) version of the final artwork. The printed piece will be 12 inches wide by 86 inches (just over 20,000 pixels) tall. I chose 240 DPI for a final file size of 299 megabytes – manageable on my lowly pee see. I’m having it printed by EZ Prints. They have one of the world’s worst web sites, but the best price for this kind of print. I’m getting the huge print done for just $39.70, delivered! An unbelievable bargain, if you ask me. (Tip: EZ Prints panoramic prints must be oriented landscape.)

The tall poster will hang on a square white column near my desk at work.

And now, since there’s too much white space below this entry right now, I’ll treat you to a few of my observations about Thailand, because well, I’m an expert you know – I mean, I’ve been there for almost TWO WEEKS!

  • Cars in Thailand have funny names. (May favorite is the Mitsibishi Catalytic Champ.)
  • It’s difficult to find a bad meal in Thailand.
  • Napkins in most restaurants are about the size and absorbency of a single square of toilet tissue. (Can you spare a square?)
  • Bangkok has some BIG-ASS billboards – half as big as a football field. Oh – and it’s hot – all the time. (Chris Burt ranks Bangkok as the world’s hottest city in his Extreme Weather Guide.)
  • Thai people are, on average, w-a-y prettier than Germans or Americans. (Or Italians or Russians.)

Hope you find this useful. Stay tuned for my upcoming “Geeks Guide to Thailand”. 🙂

More From the Chiang Mai Flower Festival

I made an effort to photograph boys and men at this event – really, I did! Unfortunately, Thai men simply do not make particularly interesting subjects – certainly not when compared to Thai women of any age.

_DSC0440.jpg _DSC0442.jpg
_DSC0458a.jpg _DSC0249.jpg

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