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Thedude Digs the Philippines

I noticed tonight that our trip to the Philippines has caused an increase in the amount of traffic to At first, I thought it was because of Grant’s awesome photos, but it’s more likely to be because of friskodude’s recent post, which seems to be working its way around the web. Thanks Carl!

Another Point of View

As you know, thedude was not the only person with a camera on the Philippines trip. Here are a few of my favorite shots by Grant Goya – in no particular order.

IMG_1507.jpg IMG_1502.jpg
IMG_1278.jpg IMG_1345.jpg
IMG_1202.jpg IMG_1203.jpg
IMG_1189.jpg IMG_1098.jpg
IMG_0405.jpg IMG_1240.jpg

Grant shoots with a Canon 5D. I think his camera outperforms my Nikon D2X in almost every category. Dammit!

Feasting in the Philippines

One thing we found in ample supply during our visit to the Philippines was food. I can say without a doubt that we were never hungry during out trip – not for one single minute. Our incredibly gracious hosts saw to it that we were always within arm’s reach of mass quantities of food. This day we visited the beautiful Barin family mango orchard where we were treated to a roast pig, fresh tilapia, boiled shrimp, crab, roasted eggplant, sticky rice, bottomless bowls of soup, some sort of delicious beef dish, endless San Miguel beers, the “world’s tenderest chicken™” and, oh yes – fresh mangos.

DSC_0084a.jpg DSC_0073a.jpg
DSC_0096b.jpg DSC_0089.jpg
DSC_0116a.jpg DSC_0104a.jpg

After the feast thedude took Kelly for brief but hair-raising spin around the property in a tricycle.

Manila Mandarin Oriental

One of thedude’s favorite parts of our trip to the Philippines was the three night spent at the wonderful Manila Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This is one the nicest hotels we have ever stayed in. From the moment we were greeted by a legion of professional, friendly wait staff we knew that this would be a pleasant experience. As you can see from the pictures, this is a very beautiful hotel. But what really makes the Manila Mandarin Oriental special is the quantity and quality of the staff. They are always friendly, efficient and helpful. We were always greeted by name with a broad smile. We dined in the hotel at Paseo Uno one night, where they offer one of the most spectacular buffet dinners I have ever seen. We feasted like royalty for about 40 bucks. Oh, and our quiet tenth floor corner room was about $130 per night. Everything about this hotel makes you want to stay an extra day or two!

mandarin_1.jpg mandarin_5.jpg
mandarin_6.jpg mandarin_7.jpg
mandarin_9.jpg mandarin_8.jpg
mandarin_3.jpg mandarin_4.jpg

Taal Lake and Volcano

This is a panoramic view of the spectacular Lake Taal – more or less the view we had from the Discovery Suites in Tagaytay. The shot was taken late on a cloudy day, so it really did look this dark. In the foreground you can make out numerous fish farms. In the middle-right, you can see the cinder cone of the active Taal Volcano. Wikipedia states that, “because of its eruptive history and location close to population centres, the volcano has been designated a Decade Volcano worthy of close study to prevent future natural disasters.”

panorama by Grant Goya

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