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More from Wyoming

Some of my favorite shots from our trip. Thanks to all of you. What a great time. More pictures soon. Read More

Welcome to Panorama Country

Jackson Hole experienced its greatest snow accumulation ever this year, and we were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. I’m posting these images super large this time so you can check out the details. (I’ll add GPS info as soon as I get a chance.) The images in the Read More

One More Shot from Wyoming

Almost forgot this one. Read More

Cascade Canyon Panorama

Ben takes in the awesome sight. Read More

View from the Amangani

The beautiful Amangani Resort in Jackson Hole. This is actually a 6-image panoramic image, shot with my trusty Nikkor 50 mm and stitched with AutoPano Pro. Read More

The Dam at Jackson Lake

Read More

Size Matters

While it may not be my best photo ever, this one has the distinction of occupying more disk space than any other. Comprised of 37 hand-held frames, shot with my cheapest lens due to it’s low distortion, and stitched together with the mind-blowing AutoPano Pro. The original is more than 24,000 pixels wide. The 16-bit Read More

Welcome to Wyoming

Here is my second attempt at recreating one of Ansel Adams’ masterpieces. A few more of our favorite shots from our fabulous trip to Jackson Hole. As always, hover over the images to learn a little about them. A faithful reader points out that in this shot of the canyon, the mountain on the left Read More

Point Arena

Unexpectedly perfect weather helped make our weekend with Tom and Julie thoroughly enjoyable. You might be surprised to know that today’s Featured Image above was made with an iPhone and AutoPano Pro. Read More

Wolstenholme Fjord, Greenland

My latest scanning project keeps turning up gems. I am so glad I shot this panorama of Wolstenholme Fjord — purportedly the only place on earth where three active glaciers join together. If I could have anticipated today’s technology, I might have made a much more detailed shot than this one – consisting of just Read More

We See DC

Kelly brings good weather wherever she goes, and this time it was to our the nation’s capitol. We enjoyed sunny skies and temps in the mid-70’s during our short visit to Baltimore and Washington DC. The hotel in Baltimore was very nice — great view, comfortable bed. Parking in DC was easy, the food was Read More

A Pattern Emerges

I’ve always been drawn to symmetry in my images, but when you view a few of them in a group, the effect can be ridonculous! Or maybe not. What do you think? This is the barracks I lived in from September, 1985 until March, 1987. It must be summer, because my pals are firing up Read More

Greenland Sunset

For a month or so in the spring and fall the sun’s trajectory became very shallow – barely rising above the horizon and before setting again. The cool thing about this process is that it took a long time, so moments like this lasted for hours. I didn’t notice all of the antennas when I Read More

Mount Dundas

The distinctive Mt. Dundas was a popular destination during the brief summer in Thule. Carved from the landscape by ancient glaciers, the thousand foot high pile of rocks offers a spectacular view of the confluence of three huge glaciers. I’d love to see the place now, although it might be depressing to see how far Read More

Living with Permafrost

In Thule, everything was built above ground. Buildings rested directly on the ground — held in place by heavy concrete slabs. Utilities which would be buried underground or carried on telephone poles in warmer climates were exposed to the elements. I can’t remember if this is due to the hardness of the permafrost or to Read More

Unexpected Treasure

Every few months one of us discovers a cache of negatives in some far corner of our storage space. This always propels me into a scanning frenzy. However, the scanning and retouching process is so time-consuming that I’m pretty picky about what I scan. This image didn’t make the first cut or the second. The Read More

Pete on Top of the World!

It turns out that Facebook is actually good for something — finding old friends. Normally, I don’t even want to connect with any more old friends, but when I found Pete, it motivated me to fire up the old scanner and send this shot to him. Pete was my next-door neighbor during my stay in Read More

Balloon Festival

The November full moon is cause for celebration in Taunggyi, Myanmar. The Hot Air Balloon Festival must be seen to be believed. It was a wild and wonderful way to end our trip. Read More

Balloon Festival Parade

This was one of the most beautiful sights we saw during our trip to Burma. The parade was the first act of our most amazing evening. Read More

Getting Ready to Party in Taunggyi

The Balloon Festival in Taunggyi has to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest party in all of Burma. This incredible event takes place during November’s full moon, and has to be seen to be believed. These shots were taken as the sun went down and spirits began to heat up. Come back Read More

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