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Thule Star Trails

Here’s another shot I’m quite proud of. Again I attached the camera to my tripod, pointed it back towards Thule and opened the shutter. I ran back inside the cabin to stay warm during the 45 minute exposure. In the distance you can just make out the unique profile of Mt. Dundas. Read More

Hotel Thule

You know, it’s a good thing that the site is really intended primarily for me. I’m probably the only one who can make any sense of it. I was looking at it again tonight and I realize that my recent entries are all all over the map – no pun intended. The main reason for Read More

Thule Inuit

I rarely saw the native population during my 17 months in Greenland. Fortunately, the air base sponsored a (70 mile!) dog sled race with a grand prize of a rifle. This was enough to attract Inuit families from many miles around. There was one other much more personal interaction with the natives of Thule – Read More

Picnic in Thule

By popular demand, another image from frozen Thule, Greenland. This image was made during a winter in Thule. If I recall, it was shot around noon – in almost complete darkness. I set up my trusty Pentax 35 mm camera on a tripod, and painted light onto the picnic table with a flashlight during the Read More

How I Learned
to Love Sushi

We caught these beauties while fishing in Diego Garcia. It was not uncommon to catch hundreds of pounds of yellow fin, barracuda and tuna – as well as the occasional shark or sail fish – in just a few hours on the Indian Ocean. The majority of the catch always went to the Philippine workforce Read More

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Thule, Greenland is visited by some strong winds. Some say the World’s highest measured windspeed occurred here. (See: Burt, Christopher. Extreme Weather. NY: Norton, 2004, p. 249.) During the worst of these storms – known as “Phase Three” storms, sustained hurricane speed winds make Thule a very dangerous place. This shot was taken during a Read More

One More From Diego Garcia

This shot was taken on board the American Cormorant – one of a dozen or so “Maritime preposition ships” permanently stationed in the lagoon. This ship, affectionately known as “Big Red” for obvious reasons, had the unique ability of submerging itself to a depth sufficient to off-load the smaller boats sitting on its deck. I Read More

Working at Home

I’m working at home today. We’re having the tub refinished, (results) and someone needs to be here. Of course this is cool, because it gives me a moment to post another image from my past. I know you’re all dying to see a picture from my year in Diego Garcia. I believe this was taken Read More

A Searchable, Highly Accessible Image Repository

I spent most of Sunday afternoon going through hundreds of old negatives and slides. When I have the time, it’s my goal to digitize many of the more interesting images and get them up on the blog. Once they’re on my blog, I’ll have instant access to all of them. I’ll be able to search Read More

Wonderful Wisconsin

Last week’s trip to my home state was the best ever. Everything I did exceeded expectations. I just wish Kelly had been there. Of course, 4 days in July during some of the nicest weather I’ve ever known in that state might be a bit misleading. It’s one thing to talk about Wisconsin winters – Read More

What Was I Thinking?

The next time I agree to go camping with ALL of the parents, save me the pain and just shoot me. 🙂 We did have some fun though… Read More

Gualala 2004

We finally made it to our favorite bed & breakfast just north of Gualala, California. Our visit was too short as usual, but the food, the fireplace and the soaking tub helped to soothe our frayed nerves despite the rainy, gray weather. Ahhh… We stayed in the Sequoia cabin – one of our favorites. We Read More

The Inuit Mind

I have never understood how it is that a culture who live in a largely desolate environment often completely devoid of color would create such colorful, complex geometric patterns in their art. I bought these beaded items from an Inuit woman in Greenland in 1986. My recollection is that I paid five dollars a piece Read More

Tahoe Trippin’

My Lake Tahoe film vs. digital experiment is over. It looks like digital photography is the hands-down winner – at least in terms of speed and convenience. I have been home almost two days now, and I still have no film photos to show for my considerable efforts. Dragging the bulky film camera around was Read More

New York Images

By now, I know that some of you have already seen some of the pictures of our New York trip. Unfortunately, the tiny Ofoto thumbnails just do not do justice to the images – UNLESS you get them printed, that is. Well, in order to fix this sorry situation, I’m posting some higher resolution images. Read More

Greenwich Village Panorama

I took about 10 of these panoramas so that I’d be sure to get one that would stitch together nicely. I was absolutely determined to share the view from Lelah’s balcony with all of you. Click on the image below to view a 180+ degree panorama of the view. The file is quite large, (400K) Read More


We just returned from New York this evening, and we’re both thoroughly exhausted. I have about 250 images to go through – I promise to post a few as soon as I can get them ready. For now, here’s a shot of Kelly and her mother on Lelah’s balcony. As you can see, Lelah has Read More

Do Nothing Day

So we spent our Saturday doing (almost) nothing – and it was beautiful. We both loved it! Of course, that does not excuse me from my resposibility to post something to my blog! Guess it’s time to drag out another old image and call it Photo of the Day! I shot this 180 dgeree panorama Read More

Huntington Lake – 2003

Our annual camping trip to Lake Huntington was a blast, although, I wouldn’t exactly call it “roughing it”. The Hunter clan believes in packing everything – yes, even the kitchen sink. For a blow-by-blow account of the event, check out Wendy’s highly entertaining blog entry. If you’d like to see even more images of our Read More

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