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Sai Nam Phung Orchids

The orchids look exactly like sexy, happy angel bees, don’t they? Read More

Lost in Translation

There are many, many examples of this. I’m not exactly sure why it happens so often in a country with so many English-speaking inhabitants and visitors. It must be a matter of pride. A situation where the boss speaks “perfect” English, and no one will challenge his or her interpretations. Maybe. I don’t know. One Read More

Safely Home

We arrived safely after our 20+ hours of flying from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to Taipei to San Francisco. We’re happy to be back, but will certainly remember our first trip to Thailand fondly forever. Now that I’m back at my trusty computer, I can do things that I could not do from an Internet Read More


Our three hour drive to Pai was beautiful – for most of us. It turns out that poor Ben is highly susceptible to car sickness. Luckily, we finished the drive without incident and were completely thrilled by what we found that the Muang Pai Resort. The place is beautiful – even in the middle of Read More

Dinner and a Movie

Last night’s dinner at the Flower Restaurant was definitely one of our favorite events so far. The food – almost all of which was either entirely made of or included flowers – was delicious, and the bill for our group of 20+ people was just under 100 bucks, but the best part was the company. Read More

Chiang Mai Flower Festival

It turns out that it’s simply impossible to make an original photo at a well-photgraphed event such as the Chiang Mai Flower Festival. But that did not stop me and thousands of others from trying. It’s equally impossible to attend a celebration as beautiful as this one and NOT take photos. Wow. Hope you enjoy Read More

Chiang Mai

Let’s see… a lot has happened since our last blog entry. We had dinner at Lord Jim’s on our last night in Bangkok, where the only thing more impressive than the food was the awesome bill. Ouch! After a very pleasant one hour flight to Chiang Mai, we decided that the Diamond Riverside Hotel was Read More

And Now for Something Completely Different

Just a quick note to let you know that we have landed safely in Chiang Mai and are tucked into our cozy room at the Pornping Hotel. I have a lot to share and hundreds of new pictures, but we have been extremely busy. I barely have time to check my e-mail once a day, Read More

Temples and Palaces

I already have w-a-y more photos than I have time to post them on my blog. We visited the Grand Temple and the King’s Palace yesterday, where we saw a gorgeous Thai dance. All of the images I have posted thus far are unaltered from the original camera shot with the exception of having scaled Read More

Say Wat?

We hired a long boat for an eye-opening tour through the canals of Bangkok. These whacky, unweildy boats can be seen zipping up and down the river all day. They’re fine – as long as they’re going straight. Turning presents a challenge for a boat with a long drive shaft attached to the boat about Read More

First Impressions

OK, we’ve been here just over 24 hours now. You’ve heard it before, but Bangkok is hot and HUMID. Not as bad as Bali, but close. The air quality has been pretty poor since we got here, but I guess that’s to be expected with the non-stop traffic snarls, and what appear to be loose Read More

Good Morning, Bangkok!

Just a quick note to say that we made it safely and are getting acclimated to the lovely humid conditions. Our hotel room is beautiful and we will be posting photos soon! Read More

Thailand Bound

In keeping with our tendency to follow natural disasters, Kelly and I will be traveling to Thailand at the end of the month. We will be visiting northen Thailand – Bangkok and Chiang Mai – many miles from the tsunami ravaged south. We’ll be staying the breathtaking Shangri La Hotel during our three days in Read More

I Was Wondering About That

Diego Garcia seems to have escaped unscathed. Tsunami’s are something we talked about on the island whenever the earth shook. We always joked that a 9.0 earthquake had just occurred off the coast of Sumatra and laughed nervously – awaiting a huge wave that thankfully never came. Diego Garcia has an average elevation of four Read More

Bali Dreaming

Man, I wish Kelly and I could have made it to Bali this year. Read More

Wisconsin – Again

I took Kelly with me on my second trip to Wisconsin this year. We had such a wonderful time that we’re just about ready to move there. (I know – before we do that I need to bring her to Wisconsin in February…) We spent much of our time in Williams Bay, but also visited Read More

Mount Dundas

One the most distinctive features of the Thule area is Mount Dundas. Once a year all of the residents of Thule climb the 900 foot mountain to participate in a golf game. The object of the game – to get a ball somewhere near the “holes” – marked with a red flag. Lucky golfers were Read More

Thule Guestbook

Each visitor to Erik’s cabin was offered the privilege of signing his one-of-a-kind guestbook. As you can probably gather from what you see here, I was one of the few Americans ever to visit this place. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the page that I wrote in his guestbook, so I can’t share Read More

Partying with Eskimos

Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any cooler, two of Erik’s Eskimo friends dropped by for a visit. Erik expected them to show up at around noon, but instead arrived by dogsled somewhere around midnight. Evidently, Eskimos have little need for clocks – especially in the long night of winter. I don’t know Read More

Inside Erik’s Cabin

Finally we’re inside Erik’s cabin! The fisheye lens makes the place look much larger than it really is – a mere 8 feet by 16 feet. The cabin was just tall enough in the middle for me to stand up. I shot this shortly after we arrived and fired up the stove – the top Read More

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