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Thule Guestbook

Each visitor to Erik’s cabin was offered the privilege of signing his one-of-a-kind guestbook. As you can probably gather from what you see here, I was one of the few Americans ever to visit this place. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the page that I wrote in his guestbook, so I can’t share Read More

Partying with Eskimos

Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any cooler, two of Erik’s Eskimo friends dropped by for a visit. Erik expected them to show up at around noon, but instead arrived by dogsled somewhere around midnight. Evidently, Eskimos have little need for clocks – especially in the long night of winter. I don’t know Read More

Inside Erik’s Cabin

Finally we’re inside Erik’s cabin! The fisheye lens makes the place look much larger than it really is – a mere 8 feet by 16 feet. The cabin was just tall enough in the middle for me to stand up. I shot this shortly after we arrived and fired up the stove – the top Read More

Thule Star Trails

Here’s another shot I’m quite proud of. Again I attached the camera to my tripod, pointed it back towards Thule and opened the shutter. I ran back inside the cabin to stay warm during the 45 minute exposure. In the distance you can just make out the unique profile of Mt. Dundas. Read More

Hotel Thule

You know, it’s a good thing that the site is really intended primarily for me. I’m probably the only one who can make any sense of it. I was looking at it again tonight and I realize that my recent entries are all all over the map – no pun intended. The main reason for Read More

Thule Inuit

I rarely saw the native population during my 17 months in Greenland. Fortunately, the air base sponsored a (70 mile!) dog sled race with a grand prize of a rifle. This was enough to attract Inuit families from many miles around. There was one other much more personal interaction with the natives of Thule – Read More

Picnic in Thule

By popular demand, another image from frozen Thule, Greenland. This image was made during a winter in Thule. If I recall, it was shot around noon – in almost complete darkness. I set up my trusty Pentax 35 mm camera on a tripod, and painted light onto the picnic table with a flashlight during the Read More

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Thule, Greenland is visited by some strong winds. Some say the World’s highest measured windspeed occurred here. (See: Burt, Christopher. Extreme Weather. NY: Norton, 2004, p. 249.) During the worst of these storms – known as “Phase Three” storms, sustained hurricane speed winds make Thule a very dangerous place. This shot was taken during a Read More

The Inuit Mind

I have never understood how it is that a culture who live in a largely desolate environment often completely devoid of color would create such colorful, complex geometric patterns in their art. I bought these beaded items from an Inuit woman in Greenland in 1986. My recollection is that I paid five dollars a piece Read More

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