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Money Down the Drain

Quite literally.

Today while enjoying an espresso in the shadow of the magnificent 466 foot tall Strasbourg Cathedral, I reached for my wallet and accidentally knocked it off the table. I watched in stunned disbelief as the thin wallet swished silently through an equally thin crack in a sewer grate underneath our table. The wallet landed in a pile of garbage 12 feet beneath the street. And there it stayed. I could see it, but there was absolutely no way to retrieve it or the credit cards, drivers license and cash within it. Dammit Jim!

I’m proud of the fact that I have never lost a wallet in my life. Happily, I can still make this claim, as I know exactly where my wallet and all its contents are – underneath the street in front of cafe Il Pinocchio near the Strasbourg Cathedral. (You can see my in-laws pointing at the very spot in a picture below.)

cathedral_1.jpg strasbourg_alley_1.jpg vespa_bee_1.jpg
vespa_1.jpg vespa_2.jpg
russian_singers_3.jpg russian_singers_2.jpg
strasbourg_street_1.jpg lost_wallet.jpg

The rest of the morning was spent touring around Strasbourg. The Strasbourg Scooter Club were out in full force striking fear in the hearts of men, women and children. later, Kelly spotted a carousel in the heart of the city and could not resist a ride on a painted pony.

We spent a short time in Speyer, Germany that evening and took a walking tour in the rain.

Finally, we returned to the ship for another excellent meal and a short night’s sleep. Tomorrow we’ll visit Heidelberg first thing in the morning.

If you’re interested, there are many more pictures from day two of our trip here.

Europe By Boat

Today we began a 9 day cruise along the Rhine River from Basel, Switzerland, north through France, Germany and ending in Amsterdam. Our spotlerss ship is the beautiful, six-year-old River Queen, operated by Uniworld. Our room is very nice – luxurious, in fact. There are 125 passengers and 37 crew on board. The 100% american 100%white passengers average somewhat more than 60 years in age, but there are several younger people (like us! 🙂 and even one nine year old girl traveling with her Dad and Grandparents. Service on board the ship is outstanding, the food is great, and our itinereray is jam-packed. The only thing that is lacking is access to the Internet. There is a laptop computer on board with which passengers may send e-mail, but “normal” access to the Internet is not possible, making blogging a challenge. To make this entry, I had to locate an Internet cafe in Heidelberg on the third day of our cruise.

After a quick tour of the charming town of Basel, we sailed for Strasbourg under cloudy skies.

river_queen_2.jpg ship_elevator.jpg
basel_cow.jpg basel_umbrella.jpg
basel_2.jpg basel_accordian.jpg basel_3.jpg

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