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How I Learned
to Love Sushi

jim_fish_2.jpgWe caught these beauties while fishing in Diego Garcia. It was not uncommon to catch hundreds of pounds of yellow fin, barracuda and tuna – as well as the occasional shark or sail fish – in just a few hours on the Indian Ocean. The majority of the catch always went to the Philippine workforce on the island – we could never eat all of one day’s catch ourselves.

One More From Diego Garcia

cormorant_1.jpgThis shot was taken on board the American Cormorant – one of a dozen or so “Maritime preposition ships” permanently stationed in the lagoon. This ship, affectionately known as “Big Red” for obvious reasons, had the unique ability of submerging itself to a depth sufficient to off-load the smaller boats sitting on its deck.

I was on board to install a ship-to-shore communications antenna for my part-time employer – Cable and Wireless, Diego Garcia. I really wish I had taken more pictures of the work I did, because it involved climbing to the top of the tallest mast on the ship with a 10 foot antenna and a heavy coaxial cable in one hand. I suppose I must have been wearing some sort of safety gear, but I don’t remember . I installed these antennas on several of the ships stationed here.

Working at Home

Image12gemfine.jpgI’m working at home today. We’re having the tub refinished, (results) and someone needs to be here. Of course this is cool, because it gives me a moment to post another image from my past.

I know you’re all dying to see a picture from my year in Diego Garcia. I believe this was taken in 1987. Yup – that’s me! Thin AND tan – a combination that you are not likely to see again any time soon, because – as many of you already know – I hate the sun.

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