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How Low Can You Go?

If you’re on land and in North America, the answer to that question is, “282 feet below sea level”.

DSC7808 kelly_ben_salt_flats_dv


Vdara Hotel, Las Vegas

Kelly and I agree that this is the nicest Las Vegas hotel we’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. No casino, no smoking, free valet parking and a breathtaking view. Service was outstanding, and the price at the Vdara seemed reasonable! A rare combination, all but impossible to find anywhere else in Vegas.

If you get hungry while in Las Vegas, we don’t think you can do better than Sage. The tasting menu was one of the best dining experiences of our lives. We will definitely make more trips to both Vdara and Sage. Highly recommended.

Kelly at Zabriskie Point

Another look at this spectacular site.

Zabriskie Point

I’m working on the images from our recent trip to Las Vegas and Death Valley. It looks like I’ll have a few good ones to share. Here’s a teaser taken at Zabriskie Point. I’ll do my best to Geotag the images so you can find the exact spot that they were taken on Google Maps. (Chrome users should install the very cool EXIF Viewer Extension.)

On a side note, I’m increasing the size of the full-resolution images on this site to better fit my 30″ monitor. This will mean slightly slower downloads, but I think it’s worth it.

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