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On Location

Our trip to Death Valley was not strictly for pleasure — we had an ulterior motive. Chris has just made a remarkable meteorological discovery that will be ‘officially’ announced by the United Nations WMO (World Meteorological Organization) later this spring. It’s all very exciting, and helps to explain the film crew trailing him in the shots below.

Vegas Interiors

Shot at City Center and Bellagio.

Golden Canyon

It must be said – this is one god-forsaken place. I can see why it was used as a proving ground for the Mars rovers and cast as the home of the Jawas in Star Wars. We found some interesting views along our 2.5 mile hike, but mostly just rocks and sand.


Artist’s Palette

This shot of an unusually colorful pile of rocks and minerals is made much more interesting by the woman in red who kindly hiked into the lower left of the frame just before I made the shot, providing a prefect scale reference.

Funeral Mountain Trail Ride

Kelly says no vacation is complete without a horsie ride.

Some of you will recognize this photo from Kellster’s Facebook page. The main difference between the Facebook version and what you see here is the resolution of the full-size image, which is simply impossible to achieve on FB. This one is big enough to become Kelly’s desktop wallpaper. 🙂

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