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Ananda Temple

The outside of the temple is beautiful, but it’s what’s inside that really shines – four spectacular gilded wooden Buddhas. (These shots are all high-resolution vertical panoramas. Look for large copies of these printed on metallic paper in thedude’s loft soon!) Read More

Bagan Panorama

I did not do nearly as much of this sort of thing as I had hoped to. I had grand plans about producing some of the highest resolution images of Burma in existence. Well, the blistering pace of our trip made it impossible to stand in one spot long enough to create any Gigapan’s at Read More

Landing a Balloon is Not a Strict Science

When we left off, we were floating peacefully above the Bagan plain watching the first of the two balloons land as planned in a field below us. We were too high to land, so our pilot, Ian, sized up the situation and decided to shoot for a sandy spot on an island in the middle Read More

Bagan – Take II

At sunrise on our sixth day in Burma, (That’s right – we’re only half way through our amazing trip, folks.) we boarded a hot-air balloon and got a different view of the temples in the Bagan area. Our guide explains that it’s well known when the 1,500+ temples were built, but that it’s not clear Read More

Ancient Bagan – Take One

We raced to the ruins by horse cart, but arrived at the best viewpoint two minutes after the light had faded. I immediately made plans to return under better lighting conditions, and continued snapping anyway. There’s plenty to shoot. If nothing else, there are always children. There are more adorable children in Burma than there Read More

Say Bagan Thiripytsaya Sakura

We spent just one night at Mount Popa. We both wish we had stayed longer, but we were not disappointed with our next stop – the lovely Bagan Thiripytsaya Sakura Hotel. Our room at the hotel has great views of the Irrawaddy River – Myanmar’s mightiest. There is also a huge inviting pool, and a Read More

Mount Popa

We wound up later than day at in a spectacular bungalow at the Popa Mountain Resort. The resort is perched on the side of the mountain overlooking Popa Taungkalat – a 2,400 foot tall volcanic plug with a Buddhist monastery on top. We decided against climbing the 777 steps to the top, and instead got Read More

Bagan and a Country Farm

We said farewell to the Governor’s Residence and took a short flight on Yangon Airways to the Bagan airport, where we were greeted once again by smiling faces. (On a related note, I just saw this story on FriskoDude’s blog. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our travel planner William for booking us Read More

Scott’s Market

Also known these days as Bogyoke Aung San Market, the bustling market in the heart of Yangon offers something for every kind of nut. Read More

Transvestite Spirit Dancers

While in Bago, we checked out a performance by a group of dancers who are purportedly able to channel some of the 37 spirits (Nats) commonly worshiped in Burma.   The all-male dancers (Nat Kataws) impersonate these spirits and dance to a small, but unbelievably loud orchestra. Believers watch intently and often pin money on Read More

More Sights on the Road to Yangon

There was much to see on the leisurely return trip from Kyaikhityo, (The Golden Rock). Here are a few of our favorites. Hover over the images for a brief description. Read More

Mother and Daughter

Back in Ingabo once again, a proud mother escorts her daughter – considered one of the most beautiful girls in the village – to the initiation ceremony. I think it’s worth pointing out that this image was not staged – it was shot as it happened. Photo opportunities like this come at you constantly in Read More

Safely Home

We survived the rest of our amazing trip and the 26 hour flight home, and we’re exhausted. Now comes the hard part – sorting through 4,539 images and getting the best of them up on the site. We are delighted to hear that many of you are waiting for more pictures, and I promise to Read More

Ingabo Village

On today’s return trip from the Golden Rock, we made a few stops. The last of our stops was in Ingabo Village where we happened upon the initiation rite for this 12 year old boy. Tomorrow he heads off to the monastery to do a stint as a monk, where he will begin a regimen Read More

Bago Market and the Golden Rock

I thought this might happen at some point on this trip, but it’s happening sooner than I expected. I already have way more pictures that I’d like to share than I can possibly post from here. Trying to edit my images down to a few favorites is not easy. I’m averaging 400 or so shots Read More

Yangon, Shwedagon

The capital city bustles with activity, even early on a Saturday morning. It seems every one of Yangon’s six million inhabitants has something to sell. Unfortunately, we saw many more sellers than buyers. Jim was amused by the Burmese version of outdoor cafes with their tiny chairs and tables. No, neither of us had the Read More

Greetings from Myanmar!

Our trip to Burma took 23 hours. The first 19 were made less than perfect due to three children who proved beyond a doubt that it is indeed possible to scream non-stop for almost an entire day. Despite the best efforts of a dozen extremely kind Singapore Girls, there was no stopping the screams. By Read More

Burma Bound!

It’s official! Last night over dinner with a group of friends who have all been to Burma several times, we decided that we’re really gonna do it. We’re planning a November trip to Burma! Everyone in the group is very excited – and even a bit jealous of our budding travel plans. Their enthusiasm has Read More

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