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Shwe Nan Daw Monastery

After a boat ride back from Mingun and a delicious Thai lunch with our wonderful guide, we visited an ancient monastery – every square inch of it carved by hand. This most beautiful teak wood building, was erected inside the Palace at Mandalay by king Mindon, the founder of Mandalay. After he died in 1878, Read More

Our Number One Travel Tip

You can avoid the throngs of children and the trinkets they they have for sale by taking advantage of the local transportation. Here we avoid the onslaught by taking a peaceful, but bumpy ride on an oxcart back to our boat. Read More

Mya Thein Tan

I swear that I saw this lovely temple referred to as the “whipped cream temple” somewhere. You can see why. This was one of my favorite temples. Nearby, we stopped to have a look at the Massive Mingun Bell. Weighing in at 90 tons, it is the world’s largest cast bronze bell. Read More

Mingun in the Morning

On the morning of our ninth day in Burma, we took another slow boat ride up the Irrawaddy. This time, our destination was the huge, unfinished Mingun Pahtodawgyi. If it had been finished, it would have easily been the largest pagoda in Burma – nearly 500 feet tall! In its ruined state, it’s merely the Read More

Even in Burma, Obama is The Man

This well-dressed man ran up to us and asked if we were American. When we said yes, he held up this newspaper and nearly shouted, “Obama! I love this man! I’m going to frame this picture and hang it on my wall!” We were greeted with this sort of excitement about our president-elect everywhere we Read More

The First Big Burma
Print is Up!

And it looks a lot better “in person” than it does here. It’s nearly five feet tall – the color and sharpness are excellent, and the metallic Fuji Pearl paper really shines! Move your mouse over the image below to compare my PhotoShop visualization with the actual print on the wall.  Roll over image, click Read More

OK – Back to Burma

Now that the Christmas carnage is over, I can finally share another of those “Man, it’s a small world!” moments that happened to us while in Burma. On the eighth day of our trip, we told our guide that we were too tired to go out that night. We said we’d just stay in and Read More

Burmese Santa Claus

The very last thing we thought we’d be bringing home from Burma is Christmas cards! We bought these from one of the many children who descended on us at every tourist stop. Anyway, I’m glad we bought them – they are so unusual. 🙂 Read More

Syun Oo Pone Nya Shin Temple Panorama

This beautiful temple is on Sagaing Hill, has a great view of the Irrawaddy River and a fantastic tile floor. We loved the colors and the geometric patterns. The shot was made by stitching eight images together. The view encompasses a bit more than 180 degrees. Read More

Syun Oo Pone Nya Shin

This is not my favorite Buddha, but the light is nice, and you can see the LED halo better than on most of my shots. Tomorrow I’ll post one of my favorite panoramas from our trip. Read More

Kaung Mhu Daw Pagoda – Part II

This is one of my favorite pagodas. Tun, our guide, told us that Kaung Mhu Daw is special to the Burmese people, for it was built by one of the greatest kings of the era, and it is said that the begging bowl of the Buddha is enshrined inside the pagoda. Yesterday’s image was shot Read More

Kaung Mhu Daw Pagoda

This was shot inside one of the five prayer halls flanking the pagoda. I have some nice shots of the pagoda itself which I will publish in a day or two. I think this one needs to stand alone. You can’t see it well in this shot, but like many of the Buddha’s we saw, Read More

Silk Weaving in Amurapura

On day 8, we saw how colorful silk fabrics are assembled one thread at a time at Thein Nyo Silk Weaving. The very detailed work is slow and repetitious, taking up to a month or more to finish a single piece of fabric. Workers are paid by the piece so sisters sometimes team up to Read More

One More from the Thiripytsaya

After the spectacular sunset on the Irrawaddy, we ate our last dinner at the Thiripytsaya. During the meal, the evening’s entertainment began with the adorable singer on the left. She was so cute! Check her out! Later, dancers took the stage and performed a traditional dance. What fun! I apologize for the poor video quality, Read More

Day 8 – Mandalay

We flew from Bagan to Mandalay, checked in to the Sedona Mandalay, (our least favorite hotel on the trip) and immediately headed to a monastery in Amurapura to get a glimpse of monk life. While there, we were told that we would not be able to visit parts of the monastery, because there was a Read More

More PhotoShop Visualization

I have some free time today, (Kelly’s in far-out Fresno) so I’m preparing one of my Burma images for printing. I plan to take advantage of the ridiculously good deals at Elco Labs, and print an image 52 inches tall on metallic paper. I’ll have the poster mounted and hang it on the wall above Read More

Bagan, Myanmar – Take III

While Kelly indulged in yet another spa treatment, Tum and I went back to the temples to shoot some more. We weren’t alone. A hundred or more people came to watch the sunset. Later, we arrived back at the Thiripytsaya just in time to see this. Read More

Shwezigon Pagoda

One of the most revered temples in Bagan, its recently restored dome sparkled against the deep blue sky. Too bad the bottom half was obscured for further restoration work. Read More

Sunset Cruise on the Irrawaddy

We finally closed out day six of our jam-packed adventure on a private boat. We cruised lazily upstream for a few miles, and floated back with the engine off as the sun set. Beautiful. Read More

Bagan Lacquer Factory

It’s hard to believe we did all of these things in just one day. We’re STILL on day 6 of the trip. We visited another Buddha in a cramped temple at the Manu Ha compound, where the closed-in feeling of the place evokes the stress of captivity at the hand of a brutal Burmese king. Read More

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