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Kakku and Pa-O People

On the morning of our twelfth day in Burma, our guide told us we would be taking a three and a half hour drive to Kakku. This is the amount of time required to drive 26 miles on Burma’s horrible roads. Our rough ride took us to yet another truly amazing site – more than 2500 stupas crammed into a small square patch of land.

Some of the 2500+ stupas at Kakku.
Headless Buddhas. Another young monk.
Kelly and guide among the stupas. Thousands of stupas!
Pa-O girls. Pa-O Procession.

Our visit coincided with a Pa-O tribe festival – probably related to the full moon. There were thousands of people at Kakku on this day, many in traditional Pa-O garb.

Overgrown stupa. Pa-O woman and child. Stupas with large spider web.
Our Pa-O guide, Tun and Kelly. thedude shares a laugh with a Pa-O girl in a typical truck.

Here’s another look to give you a sense of the scale of this place.

Festival at Kakku.

The Spa at the Inle Princess

Kelly enjoyed a pedicure at the spa at the fabulous Inle Princess on day 11 of our Burma trip.

The path to the spa. Fabulous flower arrangement.

Later, we had a bottle of wine delivered to the room where we relaxed as the sunset. Later still, we were surprised to see a grass fire in the distance. Based on the reaction of the hotel staff, we determined that the fire was intentionally set by a nearby farmer.

Our waiter opens the wine. Does she look relaxed to you?
Another lovely sunset. Grass fire!

Shwe Inn Thein

I can not believe that it’s almost March, and I’m still posting images from our November trip to Burma! These were taken on a lovely hill above the five day market in Indein. The 800 temples are in various states of disrepair, but a few have been meticulously restored.

Stupas at Indein
Golden stupas One of the restored monuments A more detailed look
Many of the stupas have fallen into disrepair. The long walk up to the stupas.

Indein and Five-Day Market

It’s day 11 of our trip now. We left our room at the Inle Princess and floated to this huge market where we did a bit of shopping and a lot of people-watching.

On the way to Indein. Another spectacular day!
The view up river. A common site.
A cute kid at the market. We bought an eyeglass case from this man. Bong for a cigarette.
Relaxing on the balcony. Pa-O woman and child.

More Shots from Inle Lake

Balancing act while rowing Handsome fisherman
Haversting mud for use in the floating fields Inle Lake fisherman

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