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Balloon Festival

The November full moon is cause for celebration in Taunggyi, Myanmar. The Hot Air Balloon Festival must be seen to be believed. It was a wild and wonderful way to end our trip. Read More

Balloon Festival Parade

This was one of the most beautiful sights we saw during our trip to Burma. The parade was the first act of our most amazing evening. Read More

Getting Ready to Party in Taunggyi

The Balloon Festival in Taunggyi has to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest party in all of Burma. This incredible event takes place during November’s full moon, and has to be seen to be believed. These shots were taken as the sun went down and spirits began to heat up. Come back Read More

Pa-O Home Life, Winya Village

We visited this delightful old couple in their home on the way back from Kakku. Although we could not understand a word of what they said, their warmth and hospitality could not be missed. It’s impossible to imagine living like these two, but at nearly 80 years old, they seemed as happy as any two Read More

Two More Kakku Panoramas

Well, it’s been five months since we returned from Burma, and I’m still looking at the pictures pretty much every day. Luckily, I like looking at pretty pictures of things and places I’ve seen. No matter how good (or bad) you think these images are, they definitely look even better to me, and hopefully, Kelly Read More

Kakku and Pa-O People

On the morning of our twelfth day in Burma, our guide told us we would be taking a three and a half hour drive to Kakku. This is the amount of time required to drive 26 miles on Burma’s horrible roads. Our rough ride took us to yet another truly amazing site – more than Read More

The Spa at the Inle Princess

Kelly enjoyed a pedicure at the spa at the fabulous Inle Princess on day 11 of our Burma trip. Later, we had a bottle of wine delivered to the room where we relaxed as the sunset. Later still, we were surprised to see a grass fire in the distance. Based on the reaction of the Read More

Shwe Inn Thein

I can not believe that it’s almost March, and I’m still posting images from our November trip to Burma! These were taken on a lovely hill above the five day market in Indein. The 800 temples are in various states of disrepair, but a few have been meticulously restored. Read More

Indein and Five-Day Market

It’s day 11 of our trip now. We left our room at the Inle Princess and floated to this huge market where we did a bit of shopping and a lot of people-watching. Read More

More Shots from Inle Lake

Read More

Burmese Blacksmiths

After the silk-weaving, we moved on to another labor-intensive activity – turning leaf springs into knife blades. We’ve seen this sort of work before, but the way this team of men worked the hot steel was something to see. Here are a couple of videos. Get the Flash Player to see this movie. Get the Read More

Lotus Silk

This has to be one of the most labor-intensive jobs we saw while in Burma. We saw a lot of meticulous work being performed by Burmese women, but these women had less to show for a full day’s work than most – a few yards of colored lotus silk thread. Read More

More from the Village on the Lake

Everyone in this quiet village on Inle Lake seemed so friendly. I wish we could have stayed longer! Read More

Inn Poke Khone Village

The inhabitants of this village live their lives on the water. I’ll post more pictures from this picturesque place soon. By the way, this image was shot with my cheap, workhorse 24-85mm Nikkor. Unfortunately, even zoomed all the way out, the lens was a bit too short for the shot. This is one of those Read More

Lunch on the Lake

Get the Flash Player to see this movie. We left our beautiful room at the Inle Princess early in the morning to take in some of the sites on Inle Lake. On the way, we saw how leg-rowing can leave both hands free for untangling fishing nets. We stopped and had a delicious lunch and Read More

Inle Lake

After ten days in Burma we had come to expect the unexpected. We began our trip to the Inle Princess Resort in a noisy diesel-driven long boat. It was along the way that we saw our first leg-rowers. Yes, they really do row with their leg. It’s a balancing act you have to see to Read More

Farewell Mandalay, Hello Heho

As we say goodbye to Mandalay, we begin what will be our best days in Burma. Read More

U Bein Bridge

Later that day we took an emotionally draining walk half way across the U Bein Bridge. Along the way the sites ranged from beautiful to bizarre. We might have walked back too, but opting for a boat ride instead meant we would not have to see the heart-breaking sights again. Once in the boat, we Read More

Mahamuni Pagoda

I’ll change the title of this entry as soon as my guide replies to my e-mail asking him where we were when we shot these. At least I remember why we came. It was to see an unusual Buddha. At this temple and elsewhere, it’s customary for worshipers to purchase a small piece of gold Read More

World’s Largest Book

Yet another of ancient Burma’s mind-boggling sights on the grounds of the Kuthodaw Pagoda, this “book” consists of 729 stupas – each containing a single two-sided page from the massive Pāli Canon. Wikipedia has a nice shot from Mandalay Hill, which gives you a better idea of the size of this “book”. Read More

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