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Balloon Festival

The November full moon is cause for celebration in Taunggyi, Myanmar. The Hot Air Balloon Festival must be seen to be believed. It was a wild and wonderful way to end our trip.

Human-powered ferris wheels. Fried food everywhere.
The fisrt balloon heads skyward. This beautiful balloon spewed fire for at least 30 minutes. BEAUTIFUL!
A wide look at the wild event.

As beautiful as they are, still images can not adequately capture the cacophony of light and sound. Have a look at the videos below to get a better idea.

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Balloon Festival Parade

This was one of the most beautiful sights we saw during our trip to Burma. The parade was the first act of our most amazing evening.

Same float a few hours later.
Colorful candles and the full moon. Making sure every candle is lit.
Lots of motion, great costumes. Smiles by candelight.
Count the candles. Heading toward the Balloons!

Getting Ready to Party in Taunggyi

The Balloon Festival in Taunggyi has to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest party in all of Burma. This incredible event takes place during November’s full moon, and has to be seen to be believed. These shots were taken as the sun went down and spirits began to heat up.

One of many candle-covered floats in the parade.
Biking to the festivities! Not a Jeep.
These Dudes had a head start. The parade route is buzzing.

Come back soon to see the shots of the amazing parade.

Pa-O Home Life, Winya Village

We visited this delightful old couple in their home on the way back from Kakku. Although we could not understand a word of what they said, their warmth and hospitality could not be missed. It’s impossible to imagine living like these two, but at nearly 80 years old, they seemed as happy as any two people I’ve ever met. It was lovely to share tea with them.

The man of the house. Humble Pa-O home.
Sharing a cup of weak tea. Farewell! Notice the sheet metal windows.

Two More Kakku Panoramas

Well, it’s been five months since we returned from Burma, and I’m still looking at the pictures pretty much every day. Luckily, I like looking at pretty pictures of things and places I’ve seen. No matter how good (or bad) you think these images are, they definitely look even better to me, and hopefully, Kelly too.


Photo blogging is a selfish endeavor, but it sure beats the pants off an old-fashioned photo album. Long live the Internets!


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