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There isn’t a lot I can say here that hasn’t been said far more eloquently by Bruce’s friends and family, so I’ll let the images do most of the talking. Kelly and I laughed out loud while looking at these. We hope you will too.


You were a big part of the fondest memory of our lives – namely, our honeymoon in Bali. We had such a wonderful time that we returned the following year. You were the perfect host – offering us a room in your cool Bali house and accompanying us on our cross-country journey, where we stayed in the best rooms in the best hotels. These memories will be with us forever.


Think you have enough sunscreen there, Bruce?


Of course, we’ve always appreciated your sense of humor, perfect timing, your instant recall of every line of every Cohen brothers film and Seinfeld episode. You are without doubt one of the funniest and most gracious people we’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I think we have a lot in common as well. We see pretty much eye-to-eye politically speaking. We’re Geek brothers under the skin. And then there’s our relationship with food… Anyone up for Dessert?

JimAndBruceGeeking2 MCBuddiesBruceAndJim

We hope you and Catharine are having a joyful day filled with love in your Bali paradise. You are truly one-of-a-kind, Bruce. You will live in our hearts and minds forever.

Many more wonderful memories here.

Bali Dreaming

Man, I wish Kelly and I could have made it to Bali this year.

Printing LARGE

My wife just told me that my blog is getting boring. She said, “You need more photos!” So, with apologies to those who have seen this image 10,000 times, I bring you my favorite shot from our last Bali trip. Why am I subjecting you to this shot again? Well, because I have decided to have it printed large – 44 x 46 inches, to be exact – and that means that I have been working with the image a lot in PhotoShop lately preparing it for output at Pictopia.

I had a proof print made of a small section of the finished print at the final resolution. It looks great, so now I’m really anxious to see the final print. More on all this soon!

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