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Oh, Yes I Did

I’ve really enjoyed my four-year-long love affair with the Nikon D3, and I have absolutely no regrets. She has served me well. I will always appreciate her superb build, her heft, her ability to see so much in so little light. I still love her and plan to keep her around – forever. But honestly, Read More

Hot Day, Cool Stuff

With temperatures more than twenty degrees above the average for this day, thedude decided to take the smartie to NASA’s 2009 Exploration and Sustainability Exposition, where we saw some pretty cool stuff, including a car I’d love to own. Well, OK just the car is just a brochure at this point, but it’s still a Read More

It’s Been a Long Time Coming…

…but it’s finally available. At $8,000, guess I’ll add it to my Christmas wish-list. 🙂 Read More

GigaGeek Fest

Last night I met with Andrew and his friend Jeff Johnson, the goal being to shoot and perfect the process of creating Gigapan Images with the awesome Gigapan robotic camera head. Luckily Jeff knows everything about this device, and no doubt saved me a lot of time on the learning curve. Our first Gigapan image Read More

Achiever Action Figures – 8 Inches of Fun!

Fans of the best movie of all-time will surely appreciate this Dude Action Figure – complete with a rug and a White Russian. I’m thinking a pair of Achievers would be just the thing for my desk. Better order soon – it seems Dude action figures go fast! This reminds me – Lebowski Fest is Read More

This is Not Kelly’s Car!

My new car is so much fun to drive, she may never give me the keys! As one of the 30,000 people who put $99 down on a Smart Car in advance of their U.S. debut, I never thought I’d actually buy one. But then it showed up at the dealership, configured exactly as I Read More

Another Addictive (and Useful) Tool?

At least two of my friends told me that my life would be better if I started using Jott. Yeah yeah, I thought. Another toy no one needs. Well, it turns out they were right! I’m already hooked! Jott uses an amazingly accurate voice-to-text processor to convert up to a 30 second voice message into Read More

Allegro agitato!

Wow. We had a terrific weekend, and I have a throbbing headache this morning to prove it. Our friends Grant and Sandy are lucky enough to have one of the world’s greatest musicians in their family. Grant’s cousin Jon has a new CD out, and Grant was kind enough to have one signed and then Read More

Fire Arts Festival – Part II

I had so much fun on Wednesday at the Fire Festival, that I went back for more on Saturday. I just had to see the incredible Dance, Dance, Immolation again, where one misstep on the digital dance floor can cost contestants dearly, as seen below. What fun!! If you’d like to see more of my Read More

Far Out Flame Out

We made a promise to ourselves that we’d never miss another Fire Festival at the Crucible. The sights and sounds are just so cool, er, hot. So flaming-hot-stainless-pneumatic-alien-stilt-walker strange. So smack-you-in-the-face with a white-hot-stove-pipe cool. A billion BTU’s of climate-changing fun. You jus’ hafta see it to believe it. More pictures coming soon. Read More

I’m All Proud of Myself, and Stuff

I finally found a way to get my wife more involved with Sure, she’s already the number one subject on this site, but I always wanted her to contribute a little more than just her beautiful smile. Now she can! See the little image in the upper-right? That’s her most recently uploaded iPhone image. Read More

D40x Review – NOT!

I had hoped by now to have something to say about my new Nikon D40x, but so far it has only made me very happy to also own a D2X. I suppose I should not be surprised that there is such a huge difference between the two cameras when you consider the equally huge price Read More

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

It’s been a long time since I put anything on my wish list, so here it is. A lens to die for. Or at least to die lugging around. “No news on price, availability or weight yet.” Read More

In the “Studio” with thedude

My dear friend Jack has an impressive collection of vintage Leica gear that he’ll be selling on Ebay. He asked if I’d take a few shots of the four cameras and six lenses. Of course, I immediately accepted the challenge, and rushed off to my studio, which in this case consisted of a wooden place Read More

Size Doesn’t Matter…

What matters is how BIG it is. There are many great things to say about this new configuration. I still have a vertically oriented monitor for browsing and working on portrait-oriented documents. (That’s just about everything, right?) In addition, I now have a huge, brilliant canvas for displaying and editing images. I briefly considered a Read More

Quiet Computer Case on Steriods

I hate to admit it, but really do want this thing. It’s sooo geeky – so beautiful! I’ve been lusting after it half the day. What makes it so appealing – aside from its thick, throbbing manliness – is that it’s a completely silent PC case. The case contains exactly zero fans and works with Read More

It’s Here!

Four days ahead of schedule. Those very clever folks at Apple know how to make my day. The best thing though, has been Kelly’s reaction. She totally loves it! The funny thing is that the things she loves the most are all things she could have done on her PC for the last 2 years. Read More

Another Brilliant Idea From Apple

Once again the designers at Apple have come up with a must-have toy. Their new AirPort incorporates some way cool features. Among them – the ablity to stream music from iTunes to this wireless device which then connects to your stereo. Check it out! It’s already on my wish-list. I can finally stream music to Read More

4 Gigabyte Microdrive for $250

Hey, I tried this and it worked flawlessly. I can now store over 4,400 images on my D70 at the basic setting – 448 images in the highest quailty (RAW+JPEG) setting. WOW! This saved me $250 over the cost of the bare microdrive. Guess this explains all of the empty MuVo shells for sale on Read More

It’s on the Wish List!

Its small footprint and lighted keys would be just perfect in my server room! ThinkGeek :: blu Illuminated Keyboard Read More

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