Category: Shameless Self-Promotion

New Design!

Well, I finally bit the bullet and changed the site’s look-and-feel. My motivation is only partly driven by aesthetics. The other reason is that WordPress 2.5 is just so dang good. It’s much nicer to look at and easier to use than the latest MovableType release. They seem to have fixed the problems with the Read More

D3 Saves the Night

I was asked at the very last moment to shoot a few pictures of the new restaurant for an upcoming issue of Bon App├ętit. With the deadline literally hours away, I went downstairs to see what I could do. The funny thing is that I was apologizing for the photos all the while I was Read More

Photo Advice from thedude

A coworker recently asked for photo advice after seeing the pictures I shot at our company Christmas party. I took the time compose a lengthy response, and figure I might as well share it with my regular readers too! Hi thedude, I was looking at the pictures you took at the party. They are amazing. Read More

The Essence of Dudeness

For the last few years I have been hosting a web site featuring the work of an extremely talented illustrator named Charlie Powell. I have always been a fan of his work, so when he offered to paint a portrait of thedude in exchange for web hosting services, I jumped at the chance. Now thedude Read More

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