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Latest Ad Mockup

As is often the case, I have almost no idea what this product is or what it does, but I think I understand what the ad represents – the fact that something which used to require a whole bunch of time, effort and money just got a lot more accessible and way cheaper. Read More

Fifteen Minutes of FLAME!

OK, here it is, more than twenty years after the devastating Oakland Hills Fire, and we’re still talking about it. Well, at least I’m still talking about it. This time I’m sharing my experience with the crew from yet another reality show — Deadliest Planet. Watch out! Here comes another urban fire video! It’s not Read More

This Little Chip Will Change the World

View the announcement here. Pretty exciting stuff! Read More

thedude Meets The Man

I’m very lucky to be involved with the design and rendering of the 2012 Burning Man. I can’t show you the rest yet, but soon after this year’s Man burns, I’ll share more. Read More

The Lobby With Lighter Colors

I’ve actually started a blog for my neighbors to gather opinions about possible color schemes for our remodel. Here’s another of several examples. After I rendered this one, I realized that there is a light leak from the right. The small amount of light leaking in from the blue sky accounts for the green tint Read More

Pratt & Whitney Engine

Another Thea Render from a freely downloaded SketchUp model. Wow! Read More

An Exciting New Direction

After ten great years at Affymetrix, thedude is moving on to what will hopefully prove to be greener pastures. Read More

Wolstenholme Fjord, Greenland

My latest scanning project keeps turning up gems. I am so glad I shot this panorama of Wolstenholme Fjord — purportedly the only place on earth where three active glaciers join together. If I could have anticipated today’s technology, I might have made a much more detailed shot than this one – consisting of just Read More

The Golden State Turns Green

It’s Windows wallpaper season in California. And that’s no bull. For those who don’t know, most of California looks more like this most of the year. You may be interested in learning more about the the Window “Bliss” wallpaper. Read More

Scanning — Again

Yes, Kelly found a stack of old negatives, and I’m back at it. These days, I basically have the scanner running whenever I’m at the computer. I load up the negative carrier, preview scan a bunch of images, and final scan the best ones. The process is time-consuming, but my new computer is fast enough Read More

Sorry Don’t Get It Done, Dude

OK, I have never embedded a youtube video, and I may never do it again, but this one’s definitely fun. Read More

Paramount Panorama Published!

Yay! I just received the 2010 Autopano Panobook, and look what I found on page 150! View the original image here and here. Read More

Dissertations on His Dudeness

View the review of The Year’s Work in Lebowski Studies” and other books on the serious subject of Dudeness here. Read More

A Christmas Gift for Grandma

If there’s one gift that won’t wind up in a landfill in three months, it’s pictures of the grandkids. Read More

The Dude Magazine

“The magazine contained articles on style, music, society, politics, women, and contained seminude pictures of women.” And while you’re at it, check out Dude Studios. Or perhaps you can help me understand what’s going on with this other dude. Read More

My Pipe is Bigger Than Your Pipe

After 10 months of negotiating and waiting, the fiber is finally in!   Read More

More Smart Fun

The shots taken by the professional photographer were finally posted today. I hate to say it, but I’m not sure that he made the most of the terrific photo-op. In addition to some tighter shots, I would certainly have made at least a couple panoramic shots of the event and stitched them together. This would Read More

S.F. Smart Car Rally

I got up extra early today to take part in a record-breaking photo. I had the chance to appear with a large group of Smart Cars two-abreast winding all the way down the “crookedest street in America“. I was not going to miss this! The event turned out to be better than I had hoped Read More

Church of the Latter Day Dude

Read More

I Will Work for Food

This photos-for-food-and-drinks deal we have with our friends at MoNO is working out very nicely for us. Yum! Read More

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