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Another Cover Shot

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Akoya Biosystems Codex™

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I love my job.

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Thedude Gets Wired, Squared

One of my renders made the Wired Magazine web site in an article titled “Fast, Precise Cancer Care is Coming to a Hospital Near You“. Nice! (Also, our amazing technology totally rocks!) That’s not the only cool place my work appeared recently. Here’s another: Read More

Our Fastest Sequencer Ever!

A fun project for this special day. From the e-mail sent to the whole company: Finished with subtle touches from the impenetrable genius of industrial design guru Jim Pire, the new system’s speed will leave the competition in the dust. Have I ever told you how much I love my job? Read More


I am so happy to have Jack as a friend and neighbor. And not just because he was kind enough to sit for me today. It’s also because he possesses many things I covet, none less than his cool and inspiring workspace filled with tools and toys. I feel my creativity jump whenever I set Read More

Some Vials and a Box

I often do not know exactly what I’m rendering. I just try to make things look good. Unfortunately, our products will never look like this on our web site. Our “real” real product shots are required to have a pure white background and a reflective white foreground à la outdated Apple ads, but this is Read More

Photo Dude-ness

I created this for fun as a gift to a special friend who got a new camera for Christmas and wants to learn how to use it. The whole process was easy. I used my beloved FourSquare to my right and a small slave flash to the left to provide a bit of fill, but Read More

Arm Chair Nature Photography

I put my recently purchased 15 foot USB cable to work this morning. I set up this simple rig and connected the cable to my iMac, launched a tethered session in Lightroom and went back to my work. Then whenever I heard the high-pitched squeak of a hungry hummer, without even looking out the window, Read More

A Dozen Protons

Another visualization. Cinema4D physical renderer. Read More

Kelly Likes This One Best

She thinks this is my most natural smile, and I agree, but I thought the glass of Ketel One might be a bit too much for my page, so I chose a shot with a camera – naturally! Many, many thanks to the awesome Steve Fossum for the fantastic shots. I did not think Read More

Proud Team Member

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Latest Chip Design

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Proton P1™ Chip, star of the Ion Proton™ System. Read More

It’s a Gas

I spotted this outside of our office yesterday, and thought it’d make a “cool” shot. Read More

thedude in a Chair

By a window. Shooting with this camera is very much like shooting with a medium format film camera. The detail can be scary. Read More

Tornado in Aisle 12 – Full Episode

Boom! thedude’s fire story begins at 28:45. Sorry about all of the annoying ads. I guess it’s the price of fame. Read More

After Hours in the Virtual Lab

While working on a visualization for a new lab space, out of curiosity, I decided to render the scene after dark, and was quite surprised by the results. The dramatic light provided almost entirely by a single omni-directional shadow-casting light somehow makes the scene look more real than it does with the lights on. It Read More

Cinema4D UV Mapping

Today I learned the best way to wrap a 2D graphic around a 3D object in Cinema4D. I also played a bit with instancing. Here is the result of today’s experimentation. I am so impressed with this renderer! You have to admit, the realism here is amazing – and I can make it better without Read More

xfinity Logo Design

You can learn a lot about the process of designing a logo by tracing one. The design appears to be based on the ubiquitous DIN typeface – so popular it has its own web site. Simple tweaks were made to every character but the “n”, and the dots were dropped. You can see the minor Read More

Practice Makes Perfect

I see so much on TV and in other media that was almost certainly created with Cinema4D. So, to practice, I copy it — with varying degrees of accuracy. To create this, I Googled a logo, downloaded and traced it in FreeHand (Yes, I’m old-school.) The resulting .AI file was merged, extruded and rendered in Read More

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