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Bay Bridge Eastern Span at Night

Kelly shot this beautiful video through the open top of our Smart Car after a delicious birthday dinner at Epic. Read More

It Took Just 22 Years…

I finally posted my Oakland Hills Fire Video. It took a bit of motivation from Chris Burt, who mentions it in his recent blog about wild fires to actually make it happen. It’s RAW footage, and the Hi-8-poorly-converted-to-DVD quality is pretty horrendous, but some (like Chris) still find it interesting. For me, the video is Read More

Incredible Bay Area Video

Read More

Andrew Amazes Anamorphically

I have never embedded a YouTube video before, but I’ll make this one exception for the amazingly talented Andrew Johnstone. Read More

New Job, New Commute

The first thing you’ll notice is that it covers a lot more ground than my previous commute. And a bridge. Compressed to 38 seconds, this works out to about 1,700 miles per hour. If only it were possible to get to the office this fast! I love my new job! The commute? Not so much. Read More


This is amazing in so many ways. I suggest you view the HD version full-screen at Vimeo. Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull РMay 1st and 2nd, 2010 from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo. Read More

Apple Design

The jury is still out about moving images on But there’s no debating the beauty of these renderings. The animation was done entirely using 3Ds Max and V-Ray render and took about 10 days to complete. Professionally done 3D visualization is the perfect tool to present concepts or new products in a beautiful, photoreal Read More

Burmese Blacksmiths

After the silk-weaving, we moved on to another labor-intensive activity – turning leaf springs into knife blades. We’ve seen this sort of work before, but the way this team of men worked the hot steel was something to see. Here are a couple of videos. Get the Flash Player to see this movie. Get the Read More

Lunch on the Lake

Get the Flash Player to see this movie. We left our beautiful room at the Inle Princess early in the morning to take in some of the sites on Inle Lake. On the way, we saw how leg-rowing can leave both hands free for untangling fishing nets. We stopped and had a delicious lunch and Read More

thedude Takes a Hike

When Andrew said that he knew of a place nearby where we could see “tens of thousands of ladybugs clumped like piles of scarlet coffee beans”, I knew I had to see it. It also happens that Andrew’s better half is an entomologist known to many as the Bug Lady, AND the topic for this Read More

One More from the Thiripytsaya

After the spectacular sunset on the Irrawaddy, we ate our last dinner at the Thiripytsaya. During the meal, the evening’s entertainment began with the adorable singer on the left. She was so cute! Check her out! Later, dancers took the stage and performed a traditional dance. What fun! I apologize for the poor video quality, Read More

Ingabo Village

On today’s return trip from the Golden Rock, we made a few stops. The last of our stops was in Ingabo Village where we happened upon the initiation rite for this 12 year old boy. Tomorrow he heads off to the monastery to do a stint as a monk, where he will begin a regimen Read More

Affymetrix Rebranding Campaign

Get the Flash Player to see this movie. After focus groups revealed that my company’s current corporate image reminded them of a “dull forty-something white male”, they decided it was time to make a change. So, Affymetrix hired a design team to help freshen our brand. I think the new branding looks great! This is Read More

A New Feature on

Embedded streaming video! Get the Flash Player to see this movie.   I found an inexpensive MOV to FLV converter which produces pretty decent results. The files are much smaller that the source Quicktime files, and still have much of the quality – even at large sizes. This means I can now stream video like Read More


We try to see the KFOG KaBoom every year. We normally drive into the city, but decided to avoid the hundreds of thousands on Fogheads in the city and instead watched the fireworks display with a musical soundtrack at the nearby Middle Harbor Shoreline Park – the best park noboby knows about. The KaBoom is Read More

Koln to Dusseldorf at 2,000 Miles an Hour

I finally finished a couple of time-lapse videos from our recent trip to Europe! I think they’re pretty cool. Of course, I was there, so they may not have the same impact on you, but I hope you’ll check them out anyway. To create these, I zip-tied the camera on a monopod to the railing Read More