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This Little Chip Will Change the World

View the announcement here. Pretty exciting stuff!

You Can Do It Too!

I made this totally original motivational poster for my company last weekend. Model Marina was awesome. She really nailed the part.

Shot with a $95 lens and hand-held FourSquare against a yellow wall in the office. PhotoShop makes it perfect.


More PhotoShop Visualization

I have some free time today, (Kelly’s in far-out Fresno) so I’m preparing one of my Burma images for printing. I plan to take advantage of the ridiculously good deals at Elco Labs, and print an image 52 inches tall on metallic paper. I’ll have the poster mounted and hang it on the wall above Kelly’s desk. But first, a little visualization brought to you by PhotoShop’s awesome Vanishing Point filter!

Move your mouse over the image below to view the wall before and after I hang the poster. Sorry Mark, we’ll have to move your excellent Paris poster to another wall. 🙂

The Mighty Affymetrix IT Team

I made a group shot at our IT picnic last week.

I often do not get to be in group shots, as I’m stuck behind the camera. I really wanted to be a part of this one, so I asked my boss to shoot a picture of me after I shot the group, and I PhotoShop’ed myself into the scene.

It’s Never Too Late for Photo Fun


This poster was imagined almost 30 years ago. We shot these images of Steve in the living room and printed them by hand at the time. With lots of dodging, I was able to achieve decent results, but was limited to a print 24 inches wide. Thanks to the fact that I preserved the original 6 x 7 negatives, and to the miracle that is PhotoShop, I can now bring it to you with higher quality than I ever imagined. What you see above has been scaled down significantly from it’s original 20,208 pixel width. That’s more than twice the size of an image I recently printed 10 feet wide.

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