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Image Restoration

My dear friend Kalvin sent a scan of this lovely photograph of his parents. Shot in 1941, the original hand-tinted black and white photo had lost a bit of its original color over the years. The restoration turned out to be a bit harder than I originally thought it would be. After the usual dust-spotting, Read More

I Was Lucky This time

How often does this happen to you? You shoot 100 photos at an important event and discover that the very best shot of the day is useless for one reason or another. It’s way out of focus or 2 stops overexposed or – as in this case – something totally unexpected has happened. Something like… Read More

Shane and Tanya’s Wedding

Looking at my blog, you might think I like shooting wedding photos. Well, I don’t, really. It’s a lot of nerve-racking work. It involves lugging camera gear around for hours trying to stay cool while worrying about the zillions of things things could go wrong! For me, most of the challenges are related to lighting Read More

Persistence Pays

My fans are demanding that I do some blogging. I have 80 pictures of a recent camping trip – four of which might make it to these pages. Sorry I-‘ve been really busy and really lazy lately. It’s just so much work to get my images ready for: Printing Uploading to Ofoto E-mailing Blogging Each Read More

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