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Our Fastest Sequencer Ever!

A fun project for this special day. From the e-mail sent to the whole company: Finished with subtle touches from the impenetrable genius of industrial design guru Jim Pire, the new system’s speed will leave the competition in the dust. Have I ever told you how much I love my job? Read More

Nova in the Booth

Kelly’s birds definitely do not want anything to do with this shiny contraption, but I was able to get this cool shot of Nova just as she began her escape. Read More

Photo Dude-ness

I created this for fun as a gift to a special friend who got a new camera for Christmas and wants to learn how to use it. The whole process was easy. I used my beloved FourSquare to my right and a small slave flash to the left to provide a bit of fill, but Read More

Putting it All Together

It’s not only the knowledge of the HUNDREDS of eyeballs that will see this image on the cover of the extra-geeky Electrophoresis Journal cover that makes it satisfying. It’s also the fact that I get to use all of my graphics skills in one place to produce something this wild and whacky while at work. Read More

D800 for Product Photography

I shot this on the floor in the hallway on a roll of white paper with my beloved FourSquare handheld overhead and a Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens which I purchased for $95. (Ken Rockwell describes this incredible bargain as, “…among Nikon’s sharpest lenses ever“.) The LCD display and updated logo were added later with PhotoShop. Read More

This Little Chip Will Change the World

View the announcement here. Pretty exciting stuff! Read More

You Can Do It Too!

I made this totally original motivational poster for my company last weekend. Model Marina was awesome. She really nailed the part. Shot with a $95 lens and hand-held FourSquare against a yellow wall in the office. PhotoShop makes it perfect. Read More

More PhotoShop Visualization

I have some free time today, (Kelly’s in far-out Fresno) so I’m preparing one of my Burma images for printing. I plan to take advantage of the ridiculously good deals at Elco Labs, and print an image 52 inches tall on metallic paper. I’ll have the poster mounted and hang it on the wall above Read More

The Mighty Affymetrix IT Team

I made a group shot at our IT picnic last week. I often do not get to be in group shots, as I’m stuck behind the camera. I really wanted to be a part of this one, so I asked my boss to shoot a picture of me after I shot the group, and I Read More

It’s Never Too Late for Photo Fun

This poster was imagined almost 30 years ago. We shot these images of Steve in the living room and printed them by hand at the time. With lots of dodging, I was able to achieve decent results, but was limited to a print 24 inches wide. Thanks to the fact that I preserved the original Read More

Photo Advice from thedude

A coworker recently asked for photo advice after seeing the pictures I shot at our company Christmas party. I took the time compose a lengthy response, and figure I might as well share it with my regular readers too! Hi thedude, I was looking at the pictures you took at the party. They are amazing. Read More

More Visualizations – Updated

Our association recently insalled Macassar ebony wood paneling in our lobby, and although the results are striking, the overall effect is a bit darker than we’d imagined. To brighten things up just a bit, we’ll be hanging some sepia-toned reproductions of four archival images that previously hung elsewhere in the building. Before we go through Read More

Holiday Manipulations

Before and after. This year’s greeting card began as three images – a classic Christmas painting by Haddon Sundblom, who painted at least one other familiar icon as well as a few stunning pinup girls. The Coca-Cola image came up while Googling “classic Christmas images”. The fact that there was already a little Jimmy in Read More

Hot Fun Actions

I use a PhotoShop Action to prepare images for my blog. My “Blogerize” action scales images for the site in steps while applying a bit of smart sharpening along the way. The action also converts the images to the appropriate color depth and color space. Since I need to do these things for every image Read More

Merry Christmas!

Oh that is SO CUTE!! –Tres 2 funny –Grant Very nice card – how long did it take you to put it together? –Dawn (About two hours.) The e-card is your funniest yet! –Todd OH MY GERSH….I just about blew ice water out of my nose!!!!!! You are a nut!!!!! LOL –Wendy One of the Read More

Warping Space with a Digital Camera and PhotoShop and PTlens

A new acquaintance inspired me to follow through on an idea I’ve had for a long time. The idea is appealing to me because it fulfills a real need, but also because it gives me an excuse to combine some of my more obscure toys and skills to produce something unique. The idea was to Read More

Not Entirely My Idea

I really wish I could take credit for the redesign idea, but it was the always inspirational Before and After Magazine that made me do it. The latest issue contains a story about this attractive site. What peaked my interest is that this design clearly rewards people with a lot of screen real estate. My Read More

Congratulations, Steve & Debra!

Kelly and I had a wonderful time at your wedding. The 20’s theme was an excellent idea – everyone looked great! I now have hundreds of photos to retouch, color-correct and otherwise perfect in PhotoShop before they’ll be suitable for display on I’ll be busy for days. I’ll post images as I finish them Read More

Can You Spot the Difference?

Of course you can! Another photographic blunder saved by PhotoShop. Read More

I’ll Take Mine RAW

It turns out that one of the greatest things about my new camera is the way it integrates with PhotoShop CS2. The RAW (NEF) file import tool is loaded with goodies. Below are just a few… Starting on the left above, you can see that CS2’s NEF import tool includes the usual white balance adjustments. Read More

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