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Bohol Beach Club

We’ve really gotten into the relaxation mode since arriving at the Bohol Beach Club We’ve been spending the days lounging in hammocks on the beach. No time for blogging. I’m sure you understand. 🙂 I would not expect to hear much from us until we return to Manila the day after tomorrow. Waiter! Another mai Read More

New Years Eve Panoramas

Thanks, Grant for sending these gorgeous panos. Read More

Oakland Skyline Panorama

I took this panorama last night from the rooftop. While I was setting up to take the shot, three or four motorcycle cops swooped in and closed the freeway! You can see their red and blue strobe lights in the foreground. Some of my neighbors and I like this image so much that we’re going Read More

Waikiki Panorama

Another gorgeous panorama by my good friend Grant. I’m posting this at a rather high resolution so that you can see just what a nice image this is. The shots were taken with a Canon 20D and stitched with PhotoVista. Read More

City Lights Panorama

You know I love panoramic photography. Here’s a fine example shot my by friend Grant after San Francisco’s Fourth of July celebration from Treasure Island. Thanks Grant – nice shot! Read More

Later That Night…

We dined on some of the best barbequed oysters I’ve ever tasted at Tom’s cool pad. Spectacular view, fabulous oysters. Thanks for a lovely evening, Tom and Julie! Read More


I made this panorama of the riverfront from the deck of our ship in Dusseldorf without a tripod, and the stitching of the 8 images did not go too well, but you get the idea. I also made two time-lapse videos of the trip from Koln to Dusseldorf, and they turned out pretty cool, but Read More

A’s over the Rangers, 6 – 2

Shot a nice panorama while at the game. Read More

Tahoe Trippin’

My Lake Tahoe film vs. digital experiment is over. It looks like digital photography is the hands-down winner – at least in terms of speed and convenience. I have been home almost two days now, and I still have no film photos to show for my considerable efforts. Dragging the bulky film camera around was Read More

Do Nothing Day

So we spent our Saturday doing (almost) nothing – and it was beautiful. We both loved it! Of course, that does not excuse me from my resposibility to post something to my blog! Guess it’s time to drag out another old image and call it Photo of the Day! I shot this 180 dgeree panorama Read More

Singapore Panorama

I’m on a roll with the panoramic shots. I think they look pretty cool on my pages. My friend Bruce shot this from his hotel balcony while on a visit to Singapore. Read More

More than a Pretty Picture

When my good friend Steve Wynd shot this, it was merely a spectacular night time shot of the New York skyline and some of mankind’s greatest engineering achievements… Read More

Milwaukee County Stadium

While on the subject of cool panoramic photos shot by friends, today’s Shot of the Day comes from my pal Mark Chestnut, who lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He took this full 360 degree panorama when Milwaukee’s Miller Park was nearly completed. Look closely, and can just make out the the new park in the background. Read More

World’s Third Highest Mountain

Not all of the pictures on this site were shot by me. This gorgeous panorama was taken by my friend Jim Davidson during a trek through northern India. Maybe I can get Jim to share a few thoughts about this – by far the best shot of Kanchenjunga I have ever seen. Read More

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