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Pano of the Day, 2000

Shot on the roof on May 7, 2000. Boy, a lot has changed since then. Rendered with AutoPano Pro – this pano never looked so good. Read More

Conservatory of Flowers

Yes, you’ve seen this location before on this web site. But not 30,000 pixels wide. The HDView plugin makes this previously unimaginable feat entirely possible. Be sure you have the HDView plugin installed, (Sorry, no Mac version yet) then check it out! Read More

Best Pano Viewer Yet!

When I first used this plugin over at xRez, I was completely blown away. HDView is a must-have plugin! Get it now! Then, click on this link to get a taste of what’s to come. Amazing!!! So much to be excited about! Read More

GigaPan Browser Embedded in a Blog Post!

It turns out it’s easy to embed a GigaPan Panorama on a web page. Hopefully, this will get more of you to check it out. Be sure to drag the the zoom slider on the left. Or, double-click on a region to zoom in on it. Looks like I have a white-balance problem in this Read More

AT & T Park

I was lucky enough to have an amazing seat at today’s Giant’s game. I was in row one directly behind the batter at AT & T park. I think I was closer to the batter than the pitcher was! If you look closely in the very center of the shot, you’ll see a Plexiglas window. Read More

First GigaPan Panorama!

My apologies to those of you who have seen pictures shot from the roof before, but this one is different. What makes this first pano interesting is that I broke all the rules when I made it. I used a very modest camera, and shot in fully-automatic mode. I set the Gigapan rig on a Read More

Another Weapon in My Image Arsenal

I love panoramic photography. Now, I can’t afford one of these very expensive panoramic cameras, so I’ve been creating “poor man’s pano’s” for years by stitching images together – sometimes manually and sometimes with the aid of software. Well, achieving perfect results is becoming a lot easier these days, thanks to a couple of break-through Read More

Aerial 360 Degree Panoramas

Here’s a new twist on 360 Degree Panoramas. These are shot from a helicopter. Fabulous! Read More

Stone Circles – Beauty and Mystery

Andrew took these awesome panoramic shots on a recent vacation trip. The arrangement on the left is the Ring o’ Brodgar, the Stone Circle at Castlerigg is on the right. I don’t know much about how the circles came to be, but then, neither does anyone else. Read More

Oakland Weather

This is odd weather for September 19th. We might get rained on tonight. Unfortunately, what I had hoped for – a huge thunderhead lit by the setting sun – didn’t quite materialize. At least not from this vantage point. Oh well, the pano quite accurately captures what it looked like. Look closely. How many vehicles Read More

Beautiful Bass Lake

Occasionally thedude finds beauty in things that are not exploding or spewing flames! This weekend’s trip to Bass Lake found us sipping cool beers on the deck at Ducey’s while enjoying this splendid view. Read More

Hot, Fun-Filled Fourth

Many thanks to our hosts Hi-Suk and San Ju for a wonderful day at their gorgeous country home in Guinda, Califirnia. (Don’t feel too bad – we never heard of Guinda, either.) July 4th was the hottest day of the year so far – at least 110 degrees. Ugh! Luckily, the couple have a gigantic Read More

San Francisco Death March

Entertaining guests from out of town is exhausting. Ann and Lynne had made a detailed list of must-see Bay Area “attractions” – some of which I had been successfully avoiding for nearly 25 years. Places like Fisherman’s Wharf, The Haight, Lombard Street, the Painted Ladies, Chinatown, Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco cable cars and Alcatraz are Read More

Spring is Here

While most of the rest of the country is experiencing freezing temperatures are snow, spring brought glorious blue skies and near 70 degree temperatures to the Bay Area this weekend. Splendiferous!! What’s a little earthquake now and then when you can have have weather like this on March 3rd? After Saturday brunch at Sam’s in Read More

200 Second Street

One of my favorite new developments in the neighborhood is this one. What I really like is that the developer of the lofts at 200 Second Street had the stones to use colors other than the four or five “standard” exterior colors for new developments in the Bay Area. That along with some nice architectural Read More

Grand Tetons Panorama

I saw numerous examples of images like these in galleries throughout Jackson. (The cabin in the scenes below is the most photographed structure in the park.) Many were shot with a large format camera and exhibited breathtaking sharpness and supernatural colors. One thing that these images have in common – yes, even those shot by Read More

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Our best friends Chris and Ben have a very cool cabin just a few yards outside the Grand Teton National Park. This shot was taken from the deck shortly after sunrise on Friday morning. We stared at this view for three days and barely noticed the structures in the foreground – our eyes were fixed Read More

O’Hare International Airport

One of the first things you may encounter when traveling through Chicago’s O’hare International Airport is the wacky walkway under the tarmac between the terminals and baggage claim. I’m usually too busy to stop and photograph this spot, but this time I was able to spare a few seconds to shoot two quick images with Read More

Yet Another Huge Print

I finished the third in my series of large panoramic shots for my building. I have to say that I’m somewhat jealous. This print is my best – I wish it was on my floor! I guess it’s true that practice makes perfect. I’d like to thank the Fourth Street Lofts Homeowners Association for having Read More

Another Nice Panorama by Grant

Even though this panorama was shot “with a tiny Canon SD500 on a crappy overcast day”, Grant’s image of the Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho works for me! Read More

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