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Andrew Amazes Anamorphically

I have never embedded a YouTube video before, but I’ll make this one exception for the amazingly talented Andrew Johnstone.

Kelly at Zabriskie Point

Another look at this spectacular site.

Zabriskie Point

I’m working on the images from our recent trip to Las Vegas and Death Valley. It looks like I’ll have a few good ones to share. Here’s a teaser taken at Zabriskie Point. I’ll do my best to Geotag the images so you can find the exact spot that they were taken on Google Maps. (Chrome users should install the very cool EXIF Viewer Extension.)

On a side note, I’m increasing the size of the full-resolution images on this site to better fit my 30″ monitor. This will mean slightly slower downloads, but I think it’s worth it.

Welcome to Panorama Country

Jackson Hole experienced its greatest snow accumulation ever this year, and we were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

I’m posting these images super large this time so you can check out the details. (I’ll add GPS info as soon as I get a chance.)

The images in the panoramas were shot hand held using a Nikon D3 and the cheapest Nikkor lens – less than 100 bucks when I bought it. Stitching with the amazing AutoPano Pro.

The New Largest Outdoor Photograph

These records are falling fast. Would you believe 111 gigapixels?

Hat tip to fan Barry Johnson.

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