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Oakland Skyline Update

We’ve had about enough of the almost non-stop helicopter sounds outside our window. There are three or four in the air almost every evening that doesn’t include rain.

Click for a closer look at this 15,000 pixel-wide view from my rooftop. It’s not the sharpest image ever taken, but this is because the shots were handheld at high ISO with the lens wide open and manual (out of) focus. I sort of forgot that my 35mm lenses don’t perform as well wide open as the awesome lens on my X100T.

The last time I did this sort of thing, I used a tripod, lower ISO, smaller aperture and auto focus. The resulting image received more attention than any other in the history of

DISCLAIMER: Just as the moon was not really in that spot in my earlier panorama, there was actually just one helicopter with a searchlight in this one. I took about 5 shots of the police chopper in 2-second intervals thinking that I’d combine them all in the final pano, but this is what came out of AutoPano Pro on the first take, and I like it. Done. Well, that is until Kelly saw it and suggested this tighter crop. Yes, I like this one too!

I Walked Five Miles
to Get This Shot

The eastern half of an icon of the Bay Area is coming down after carrying up to 300,000 cars per day for 77 years. Progress is slow, but this week a gap appeared in the longest cantilevered section, and I decided that this needed to be captured.

Luckily, the replacement span has a very wide, smooth bike and pedestrian path on the side facing the old bridge. Unfortunately, it’s quite a haul along the Bay Bridge Trail just to get from the parking lot to the foot of the new bridge, and at that point, you’re only half way there. It’s a good 90 minute walk to get out to the most interesting parts of the bridge. I’ll need a day or two to recover, but have no regrets. It was a beautiful day, and I got the shot!

Paradise Valley

Julie shot this panorama with her iPhone. She was, “Driving north from Yellowstone WY toward Livingston MT – looking east.” Beautiful!!

Extreme beauty near Livingston, Montana.

First D800 Panorama

This 14 image panorama of the cavernous Craneway Pavilion was reduced to approximately 1/10 of its original resolution, and it’s still 8,000 pixels wide.

Holy Crap – My Mind is Blown

I’m speechless. After looking at a few of these, I guess I’ll just throw my cameras away.

Way back in 2008, I shot some photos from a balloon over Bagan, Burma, and was pretty satisfied with the results. Well, I’m humbled to say that I’ve been utterly outdone. This Russian Panorama site is absolutely amazing – easily one of the most compelling visuals I’ve ever seen on my 30″ monitor. Yes, there are other popular 360 pnorama sites, but none as refined or as breathtaking as this one. I recommend you check out all of the panos! I know that over time, I will! A few of our favorites so far – other-worldly Iceland, the unreal Taj Mahal, a stomach-churning view of Machu Pichu, and of course, the very first one. But spend a little time on the site. I’m sure you’ll find your own favorites. While visiting, be sure to check the FAQ page and watch “The method of panoramas creation”.

I’ve permalinked the site on my sidebar to remind you to visit often.

Thanks to Andrew for the introduction to this amazing site.

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