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This Week at Yosemite

Pals Andrew and Jeri just sent this breathtaking shot of the Yosemite Valley. Here’s another of Bridal Veil Falls. And here’s a great one of Jeri and the kids under a big-ass tree. Wow. So flippin’ beautiful! I guess Kelly and thedude need to take a road trip soon! Read More

30 Inch Monitor, 100 Year Old Photographs

One of the unfortunate aspects of owning a 30″ monitor is that, aside from, there are very few web sites that post images at a resolution any wear near full-screen size. And, if you’re like me, you bought that 30″ monitor because you like images, right? There’s nothing quite like a super sharp image Read More

Wolstenholme Fjord, Greenland

My latest scanning project keeps turning up gems. I am so glad I shot this panorama of Wolstenholme Fjord — purportedly the only place on earth where three active glaciers join together. If I could have anticipated today’s technology, I might have made a much more detailed shot than this one – consisting of just Read More

Apple Design

The jury is still out about moving images on But there’s no debating the beauty of these renderings. The animation was done entirely using 3Ds Max and V-Ray render and took about 10 days to complete. Professionally done 3D visualization is the perfect tool to present concepts or new products in a beautiful, photoreal Read More

A Pattern Emerges

I’ve always been drawn to symmetry in my images, but when you view a few of them in a group, the effect can be ridonculous! Or maybe not. What do you think? This is the barracks I lived in from September, 1985 until March, 1987. It must be summer, because my pals are firing up Read More

Paramount Panorama Published!

Yay! I just received the 2010 Autopano Panobook, and look what I found on page 150! View the original image here and here. Read More

A Christmas Gift for Grandma

If there’s one gift that won’t wind up in a landfill in three months, it’s pictures of the grandkids. Read More

Oakland Zoo Lights

One of the most charming events we’ve seen this holiday season is the Oakland ZooLights. Periodically, the tens of thousands of Christmas lights are set to music in a dazzling light show. Fun for kids and bah-humbuggers alike! Read More


I love barter. In trade for some web work, I get days at this fabulous house. This works out great for everyone involved, but the biggest beneficiary is definitely me. Its on trips like this that I am reminded how great my friends are and that I have the most wonderful wife in the world. Read More

Blustery Day on the Bay

With temperatures on the bay hovering around 50 degrees, it might not have been an ideal day for a Hornblower Cruise. Nevertheless, the mighty IT team braved the elements and posed for the obligatory group shot. Read More

Xenophon Horse Show 2009

Yes, I’m still taking pictures, and Kelly is still volunteering at Xenophon, where we get to hang out with the nicest imaginable kids, horses and volunteers. Wonderful. Read More

Fall Colors in Wisconsin

Thanks, Dave for sending this shot of Lori & Pat’s tree. What’s that then, a maple? Is this tree in Lyons, Wisconsin? Who are Lori and Pat? Read More

The Club at Pebble Beach

Kelly, Kerry and Matt take in the view. Read More

Moments of Weirdness

It’s amazing to me that even 18 years after the fact, there is still occasional interest in a video I shot of the Oakland Hills Fire. This time it will be aired on a Discovery Channel program titled Moments of Terror. Woo! Scary! It’s always interesting to see what they do to my footage. All Read More

Doubts about Famous Photo’s Authenticity

I had always had doubts about the authenticity of this – one of the most famous photographs ever. Click on the image to read today’s NY Times story. Read More


A couple of these buggers probably eat half of the seed I put out. Anyway, I had no idea how pretty doves are until I saw this shot. Read More

A Little Birdie I
Actually Like

I mostly prefer birds that live outside to those that will live indoors with us – forever, it seems. Here’s one I shot through the living room window. Read More

Beach Party? Not!

I’m trying desperately not to fall onto the great blog trash heap. So, here it is – a new post. The buzz surrounding last night’s party was all about 200 tons of sand, five swimming pools and “swimwear encouraged”. Hm. Sounds like an indoor beach party, right? Well, the event resembled a beach about as Read More

Fifty Big Ones

Congratulations, Mike and Myrna! To me, the coolest thing about this reunion is that Kelly’s aunt and uncle were able to round up all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen from their wedding – fifty years ago. Amazing. Mike and Myrna have this spectacular view from their remote ranch north of tiny Friant, California. Read More

Carnaval 2009

We almost didn’t go this year. We thought that the temperatures in the low-50’s with heavy overcast skies might mean fewer scantily-clad revelers. Luckily, we were wrong. As always, I had a hard time choosing my favorites to display above. There are so many more. Please take a look at all of the images by Read More

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