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Rider in the Rain

Determined to get a look at Bandit under control of a more skilled rider, (thanks, Hannah!) Kelly and Stella brave the rain and fog at Skyline Ranch this morning. Read More

First Photo Event After PhotoShop World

I attended my first-ever PhotoShop World in Las Vegas last week, and all things considered, I would give the event a thumbs-up. After recovering from the shock of the most expensive martini ever, and a corny, but slick keynote, the classes turned out to be worth the price. I attended 7 or 8 classes, where Read More

Welcome to Panorama Country

Jackson Hole experienced its greatest snow accumulation ever this year, and we were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. I’m posting these images super large this time so you can check out the details. (I’ll add GPS info as soon as I get a chance.) The images in the Read More

The New Largest Outdoor Photograph

These records are falling fast. Would you believe 111 gigapixels? Hat tip to fan Barry Johnson. Read More

And Now, the World’s Largest Outdoor Photo

Who’d a thunk? Budapest. Read More

World’s Largest Indoor Photo

Click on the image below to view the largest indoor image ever. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m on a search for the largest outdoor Photo. Read More

Wisconsin Winter Weather Woes

Access to one of the most important destinations in Burlington, Wisconsin has been hindered by a four foot snow drift. My forecast is that thirsty residents will grab their shovels and clear a path to their beloved watering hole by beer-thirty. Read More

Jim and Jerry

One of these dudes is not the leader of the world’s eighth largest economy. Spotted at Mua a couple nights ago. Read More

Wrong Place, Right Time

This rainbow peaked while I was on the Embarcadero in the city on my way to the top floor of the Transamerica Pyramid. The shot might have been better from almost any other vantage point – assuming that a rainbow was actually visible from any other vantage point. This beauty lasted all of two minutes. Read More

My New Favorite Lens

Steve has an 85mm f1.4 Nikkor lens for sale. I’d love to own it, but even used, this is one expensive lens! This led me into a search for alternatives, which led me to an entire Flickr group devoted to this interesting lens. I was impressed that these beautiful images were made with this amazingly Read More

Las Vegas

We took a mini-vacation to celebrate a couple of Virgo birthdays. I was too lazy to drag my heavy camera around much, but I did shoot this 12 image panorama of Kellster, Jeff and Wendy at the beautiful Parasol Down at the Wynn. Read More

Cascade Canyon Panorama

Ben takes in the awesome sight. Read More

View from the Amangani

The beautiful Amangani Resort in Jackson Hole. This is actually a 6-image panoramic image, shot with my trusty Nikkor 50 mm and stitched with AutoPano Pro. Read More

The Dam at Jackson Lake

Read More

Size Matters

While it may not be my best photo ever, this one has the distinction of occupying more disk space than any other. Comprised of 37 hand-held frames, shot with my cheapest lens due to it’s low distortion, and stitched together with the mind-blowing AutoPano Pro. The original is more than 24,000 pixels wide. The 16-bit Read More

Welcome to Wyoming

Here is my second attempt at recreating one of Ansel Adams’ masterpieces. A few more of our favorite shots from our fabulous trip to Jackson Hole. As always, hover over the images to learn a little about them. A faithful reader points out that in this shot of the canyon, the mountain on the left Read More

Point Arena

Unexpectedly perfect weather helped make our weekend with Tom and Julie thoroughly enjoyable. You might be surprised to know that today’s Featured Image above was made with an iPhone and AutoPano Pro. Read More

New Job, New Commute

The first thing you’ll notice is that it covers a lot more ground than my previous commute. And a bridge. Compressed to 38 seconds, this works out to about 1,700 miles per hour. If only it were possible to get to the office this fast! I love my new job! The commute? Not so much. Read More

The Largest Image Ever Opened at

By far. I have a new friend who is pushing the limits of image editing software. Here’s a glimpse into a 73,000 pixel wide image. Details to follow. Read More


This is amazing in so many ways. I suggest you view the HD version full-screen at Vimeo. Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull РMay 1st and 2nd, 2010 from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo. Read More

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