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Incredible Bay Area Video

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Celebrating Aunt Mary’s Life

I shot an event to honor the life of Kelly’s beloved Aunt Mary in Redding a couple weekends ago. Here are a few of my favorites from that day. I hadn’t used my Nikon D3 for a while, but decided that it along with the light, fast, super-sharp Nikkor 85mm f1.8 lens would be perfect Read More

Paradise Valley

Julie shot this panorama with her iPhone. She was, “Driving north from Yellowstone WY toward Livingston MT – looking east.” Beautiful!! Read More

Putting it All Together

It’s not only the knowledge of the HUNDREDS of eyeballs that will see this image on the cover of the extra-geeky Electrophoresis Journal cover that makes it satisfying. It’s also the fact that I get to use all of my graphics skills in one place to produce something this wild and whacky while at work. Read More

SONY DSC-RX100 Closeup

This little camera is proving to be quite handy. It turns out that it’s a lot easier to shoot extreme close-ups with it than with my much larger DSLR’s. I just set the camera to shoot a few frames per second and move in close. The smaller camera is less terrifying to the little critters, Read More

First D800 Panorama

This 14 image panorama of the cavernous Craneway Pavilion was reduced to approximately 1/10 of its original resolution, and it’s still 8,000 pixels wide. Read More

First SONY DSC-RX100 Shot

After reading a couple of glowing reviews like this one, I decided to pick up a SONY DSC-RX100, the images I’m seeing from it are very impressive! It’s amazing that a camera this small deliver images this big! The list of technological achievements in this tiny gem is long. An f1.8, 3.7X zoom lens, 20 Read More

D800 for Product Photography

I shot this on the floor in the hallway on a roll of white paper with my beloved FourSquare handheld overhead and a Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens which I purchased for $95. (Ken Rockwell describes this incredible bargain as, “…among Nikon’s sharpest lenses ever“.) The LCD display and updated logo were added later with PhotoShop. Read More

thedude in a Chair

By a window. Shooting with this camera is very much like shooting with a medium format film camera. The detail can be scary. Read More

Holy Crap – My Mind is Blown

I’m speechless. After looking at a few of these, I guess I’ll just throw my cameras away. Way back in 2008, I shot some photos from a balloon over Bagan, Burma, and was pretty satisfied with the results. Well, I’m humbled to say that I’ve been utterly outdone. This Russian Panorama site is absolutely amazing Read More

First D800 Shots

After a 6 month wait, I finally received my new DSLR. I actually gave up on ever receiving the Nikon D800E, so I settled for the D800. I must say, I’m impressed. The images are absolutely enormous – 7360 x 4912 pixels. I had to reduce the resolution from more than 36 megapixels to 6 Read More

Andrew Amazes Anamorphically

I have never embedded a YouTube video before, but I’ll make this one exception for the amazingly talented Andrew Johnstone. Read More

Kelly at Zabriskie Point

Another look at this spectacular site. Read More

Zabriskie Point

I’m working on the images from our recent trip to Las Vegas and Death Valley. It looks like I’ll have a few good ones to share. Here’s a teaser taken at Zabriskie Point. Read More

Oh, Yes I Did

I’ve really enjoyed my four-year-long love affair with the Nikon D3, and I have absolutely no regrets. She has served me well. I will always appreciate her superb build, her heft, her ability to see so much in so little light. I still love her and plan to keep her around – forever. But honestly, Read More

James Was Here

OK – I’ve been feeling kinda bad. My pal Jim visited for a week, and, despite great conversation, great weather and meals at places like Haven, Sea Salt and of course Chop Bar, I took a grand total of one photograph. With a cheap-ass point-and-click. I guess it could have been worse – I could Read More

This Little Chip Will Change the World

View the announcement here. Pretty exciting stuff! Read More

You Can Do It Too!

I made this totally original motivational poster for my company last weekend. Model Marina was awesome. She really nailed the part. Shot with a $95 lens and hand-held FourSquare against a yellow wall in the office. PhotoShop makes it perfect. Read More


It’s hard not to get a good shot when your subject is as cute as Sophie, but there’s something else I like about this shot, and that is that is was not a posed shot. I saw her sitting there and took two quick shots in the (indoor) available light. Snap, snap! It took three Read More

Last Night at San Gregorio Beach

I’m pretty happy with this shot of my wife with her parents and best friends Jeff and Wendy. To make it, I used my new FourSquare lighting system, held high above my head while I clutched the D3 with the other hand and snapped this about 30 minutes after sunset. The colors in this one Read More

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