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Arizona Cactus

The story behind this shot begins on a trip to Arizona to inspect the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant. (Hmmm… fodder for future posts.) Anyway, I saw the heavy weather coming from my lonely hotel room, so I pointed my rental car out of town looking for a good spot to stop and shoot a totally Read More

What Is It?

I have been asked about this image many times in the years it’s been hanging on my wall. I’m sure I already told most of you that this is a long exposure (.5 seconds) of the World’s Largest Carousel. See it and much more at the World’s Crappiest Web Siteā„¢. If you decide to take Read More

Random Shot of the Day?

So, I just had an idea! *Bing* How about a random image of the day? This might be reason enough to get me to post more often, I’ve got thousands of pictures, and NO, the’ye NOT all of Kelly. Well, OK, she IS in the first official Random Shot of the Day, but at least Read More

Another Photographer in da Hood

Lst night while Andrew was here, we had a look at some of pictures he shot at Burning Man 2000. We came across so many fabulous shots that I was compelled to post a few of my favorites here. Read More

Film Photography Ain’t Easy

As part of an informal project at work, I’m shooting high resolution photographs all of my company’s campuses. I got excellent results on the shots of our Emeryville office. Unfortunately, the shots I took this week of three buildings in Santa Clara are useless. Even though I carried a digital camera and shot numerous test Read More

Canon G3

I am often asked for recommendations on digital camera. I have never been able to provide a definitive answer – until now. I finally found a digital camera that I can recommend without reservation. Read More

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