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Shot of the Day

Taken in a light rain last night at the nearby Portico Lofts. We were there to attend a very nice holiday party at Tony’s. I have a bunch of pictures to post from that event, but I’m moving kind of slow this morning. Please be patient with me. 🙂 Read More

One More Beauty by Mark Downey

Mark said he had to hike for four hours on a 100 degree day carrying his heavy 6 x 7 to get this stunning shot of La Calanque d’En-Vau in Provence. Read More

SATW Photographer of the Year

I have the incredible fortune to know one of the most gifted photographers alive – Mark Downey. Mark recently earned “Photographer of the Year” honors from the Society of American Travel Writers. He’s not only a fabulous photographer – he also writes. A truly gifted individual. Mark lives just 10 minutes away in Alameda. And Read More

Extremely High Resolution from Digital Cameras

Check out these awesome images. Max Lyons creates truly high resolution images from his consumer grade digital camera by stitchng together a large number of exposures. He really makes the most of existing technology. Wow! And I thought I was doing cool stuff with my digital camera… Read More

Beautiful Disaster

A friend just sent me this awesome image of the recent fires in Southern California. Read More

Another California Disaster

In case you missed this incredible satellite image of the enormous fires raging in Southern California, I’m posting it here. This high resolution image is ~600K in size, and pretty impressive. This and the fire images on tonight’s evening news definitely brought back some memories of the Oakland Hills Fire of 1991. That fire killed Read More

Greenwich Village Panorama

I took about 10 of these panoramas so that I’d be sure to get one that would stitch together nicely. I was absolutely determined to share the view from Lelah’s balcony with all of you. Click on the image below to view a 180+ degree panorama of the view. The file is quite large, (400K) Read More

Nuclear Sunsets

Today’s Photos of the Day were shot at Salem Nuclear Plant near Salem, New Jersey and at the Farley Nuclear Plant near Dothan, Alabama.   Most of you know that in my previous life I helped inspect nuclear plants. I always traveled to these plants with my camera. Unfortunately, even thgough I was in the Read More

Do Nothing Day

So we spent our Saturday doing (almost) nothing – and it was beautiful. We both loved it! Of course, that does not excuse me from my resposibility to post something to my blog! Guess it’s time to drag out another old image and call it Photo of the Day! I shot this 180 dgeree panorama Read More

Persistence Pays

My fans are demanding that I do some blogging. I have 80 pictures of a recent camping trip – four of which might make it to these pages. Sorry I-‘ve been really busy and really lazy lately. It’s just so much work to get my images ready for: Printing Uploading to Ofoto E-mailing Blogging Each Read More

Wish List Item Number 5

Here it is! The digital camera I’ve been dreaming about. Along with blistering speed and high resolution, this beauty can upload images to my network wirelessly – even while shooting! A major breakthrough – I want it now! After looking at the incredible 360 degree VR’s in my last post, I want to get started Read More

Unbelievably Cool VR Tours

Thanks to Carl Parkes for introducing me to this stunning web site. The site features breathtaking full-screen Quicktime VR images. The technical quaility of the images is the best I have seen, and the locations are amazing. The image that originally caught Carl’s eye is a full 360 degree view taken from the inside of Read More

Milwaukee’s Architectural Gem

I guess you all know that I’m from Wisconsin. Unfortunately, I haven’t been back to my home state since March – mainly ‘cuz I don’t travel in my new job. However, this year marks thirty years since I said goodbye to Burlington High School, and I have decided that I’m going to fly back for Read More

Photo of the Day

(With apologies to those of you who have seen these a squillion times.) Whenever I go back through my photos looking for so-called “classic” images, I always land on these – taken shortly after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. You may recall that the Bay Bridge was damaged and closed for a few months. During Read More

Singapore Panorama

I’m on a roll with the panoramic shots. I think they look pretty cool on my pages. My friend Bruce shot this from his hotel balcony while on a visit to Singapore. Read More

More than a Pretty Picture

When my good friend Steve Wynd shot this, it was merely a spectacular night time shot of the New York skyline and some of mankind’s greatest engineering achievements… Read More

Milwaukee County Stadium

While on the subject of cool panoramic photos shot by friends, today’s Shot of the Day comes from my pal Mark Chestnut, who lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He took this full 360 degree panorama when Milwaukee’s Miller Park was nearly completed. Look closely, and can just make out the the new park in the background. Read More

World’s Third Highest Mountain

Not all of the pictures on this site were shot by me. This gorgeous panorama was taken by my friend Jim Davidson during a trek through northern India. Maybe I can get Jim to share a few thoughts about this – by far the best shot of Kanchenjunga I have ever seen. Read More

A Better Digital Camera – Already??

Well, I have barely broken in my wife’s wonderful Canon G3, and along comes the new Canon PowerShot G5. It looks a lot like the G3 except for the number of pixels and the incredibly sexy black housing. I am tempted, but the number of pixels is not the only thing that matters in a Read More

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