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My Grandmother’s Name Was Phoebe

These incredible pictures of a celestial body bearing her name orbiting around Saturn – nearly a ka-jillion miles from here – made me think of her – and of all the wonders of the heavens. Read More

Chris’ Masterpiece is Finished!

I got a peek at the upcoming Extreme Weather book written by my good friend Chris Burt, and it’s awesome! The book is gorgeous – loaded with beautiful maps, stunning photographs and unbelievable weather facts. Chris has endless enthusiasm for all things related to weather – and it shows in the quality of this amazing Read More

Nikon D70 “Backfocus”

I took a big chance today and decided to perform a risky repair procedure on my new Nikon D70. I discovered that it suffered from an all-to-common problem with this new camera known as “backfocus”. This means that the camera’s autofocus mechanism focuses slightly behind the focus “hotspot”. I decided to have a go at Read More

4 Gigabyte Microdrive for $250

Hey, I tried this and it worked flawlessly. I can now store over 4,400 images on my D70 at the basic setting – 448 images in the highest quailty (RAW+JPEG) setting. WOW! This saved me $250 over the cost of the bare microdrive. Guess this explains all of the empty MuVo shells for sale on Read More

I Like This Shot

I don’t have anything in particular to say about this shot. I just like it – simple as that. Read More

thedude in His Element

I told you I’d have some fun with this lens… Read More

This Lens Will Be Fun

I have always wanted a wide angle lens this wide. My new 12 – 24 mm zoom lens is the equivalent of an 18 mm lens on a 35 mm camera. Woo-hoo! This sort of extreme coverage was until recently impossible to find in any digital camera. Read More

Breathtaking Digital Images from the Smoky Mountains

Thanks, Dave for directing me to this spectacular photography site. Read More

Diablo Revisited

I took my film camera to Mt. Diablo too. I used a 20 mm lens and a 60 mm macro lens with Fuji Velvia to take these photos of my favorite subject. I had to expose manually with the 20 mm lens. It’s a relic – no autofucus, no CPU. Fortunately, I remembered the old Read More

Film vs. Digital – Results Are In!

OK, there is simply no comparison between the 4 megapixel digital images from my Canon G3 and the images I shot with my dusty old Nikon 35 mm camera. The scanned 35 mm slides display more accurate color, wider dynamic range, no digital artifacts, and offer a full 60 million pixels to play with. They Read More

Tahoe Trippin’

My Lake Tahoe film vs. digital experiment is over. It looks like digital photography is the hands-down winner – at least in terms of speed and convenience. I have been home almost two days now, and I still have no film photos to show for my considerable efforts. Dragging the bulky film camera around was Read More

Film vs. Digital

Dang! I’ve come to the conclusion that there just is not any prosumer digital camera made worth buying. Not one of them can match the quality or the feel of my old Nilon film gear. In fact, I’m so nostalgic for film that I’m going to shoot next week’s Lake Tahoe trip entirely on Fuji Read More

A Reminder…

Mark Downey’s images will be on display on Central Avenue at Webster in Alameda this evening at 6:00. See you there! Read More

You Might as Well Just Bookmark This Site

It just continues to amaze me. I recommend you check out all of the full-screen VR’s! Read More

Mark Downey Gallery Event

The date has been announced. Mark’s show will be held on Saturday, January 24th at 6:00 PM at Spritzer’s on Central near Webster in Alameda. See you there! Read More

Amazing New York VR

Thanks, Carl for pointing me to this incredible shot of New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Read More

I Hate Sunset Photos

I mean, haven’t we all seen just about enough sunsets, already?? Aparently not. This beauty was shot by Cyrus Harmon (one of the founders of the company I work for) from a vantage point somewhere in the hills above Berkeley. Seems like a nice shot to end 2003. Read More

Mark Downey at Alameda Gallery

I’m still scanning images for Mark Downey. All of the scanned images are going to be printed large at Pictopia and displayed at a new gallery opening in Alameda. I’ll post the time, date and location as soon as I have them. Hope to see you there! Read More

Barbecue at Grant and Sandy’s

Our friends Grant and Sandy grilled up a big hunk of prime rib last night and oh my gawd it was delicious. Thanks for a fun evening and for the groovy gifts! Our shot of the day has to be this beautiful sunset as viewed from their back yard patio. It looks too exotic to Read More

Essential Tool for Digital Photographers

This tool would be useful to anyone who owns a camera, but especially digital photographers whose cameras inevitably suffer from pincushion and barrel distortions at wide angle settings. I find PTLens to be one of the most useful and easy-to-use tools in my arsenal. I use it on nearly all of my digital images. HIGHLY Read More

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