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Wisconsin Winter Weather Woes

Access to one of the most important destinations in Burlington, Wisconsin has been hindered by a four foot snow drift.

My forecast is that thirsty residents will grab their shovels and clear a path to their beloved watering hole by beer-thirty.

The Largest Image Ever Opened at

By far.

I have a new friend who is pushing the limits of image editing software. Here’s a glimpse into a 73,000 pixel wide image. Details to follow.

This Week at Yosemite

Pals Andrew and Jeri just sent this breathtaking shot of the Yosemite Valley. Here’s another of Bridal Veil Falls. And here’s a great one of Jeri and the kids under a big-ass tree. Wow. So flippin’ beautiful! I guess Kelly and thedude need to take a road trip soon!

Fall Colors in Wisconsin

Thanks, Dave for sending this shot of Lori & Pat’s tree. What’s that then, a maple? Is this tree in Lyons, Wisconsin? Who are Lori and Pat?

Cherubs with Face Paint

Andrew caught this fantastic shot of Sophie and Ursula on their first visit to Disneyland.

A pair of very lovely young ladies - Sophie and Ursula

thedude and Kellster like the shot so much that we made a magnet out of it and hung it on our refrigerator. That’s saying quite a lot, because like at least nine other people on planet Earth, thedude also hates refrigerator magnets!

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