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City Lights Panorama

You know I love panoramic photography. Here’s a fine example shot my by friend Grant after San Francisco’s Fourth of July celebration from Treasure Island. Thanks Grant – nice shot! Read More

Milwaukee’s Architectural Gem

I guess you all know that I’m from Wisconsin. Unfortunately, I haven’t been back to my home state since March – mainly ‘cuz I don’t travel in my new job. However, this year marks thirty years since I said goodbye to Burlington High School, and I have decided that I’m going to fly back for Read More

Singapore Panorama

I’m on a roll with the panoramic shots. I think they look pretty cool on my pages. My friend Bruce shot this from his hotel balcony while on a visit to Singapore. Read More

More than a Pretty Picture

When my good friend Steve Wynd shot this, it was merely a spectacular night time shot of the New York skyline and some of mankind’s greatest engineering achievements… Read More

World’s Third Highest Mountain

Not all of the pictures on this site were shot by me. This gorgeous panorama was taken by my friend Jim Davidson during a trek through northern India. Maybe I can get Jim to share a few thoughts about this – by far the best shot of Kanchenjunga I have ever seen. Read More

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