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Cell Phone Street Photography

I walked to the local Ace Hardware this morning and took a few shots along the way. I noticed some attempts to thwart graffiti. I love all the color and the bold designs. I hope these works of art remain unspoiled for a long time. I also discovered that my Nexus 5X is almost perfect Read More

Paradise Valley

Julie shot this panorama with her iPhone. She was, “Driving north from Yellowstone WY toward Livingston MT – looking east.” Beautiful!! Read More

Rider in the Rain

Determined to get a look at Bandit under control of a more skilled rider, (thanks, Hannah!) Kelly and Stella brave the rain and fog at Skyline Ranch this morning. Read More

Jim and Jerry

One of these dudes is not the leader of the world’s eighth largest economy. Spotted at Mua a couple nights ago. Read More

Point Arena

Unexpectedly perfect weather helped make our weekend with Tom and Julie thoroughly enjoyable. You might be surprised to know that today’s Featured Image above was made with an iPhone and AutoPano Pro. Read More

Happy Inauguration Day

Finally! Read More

Linden Street Brewery

The gang enjoys free beer on Friday at the Linden Street Brewery. I’d say you should check it out, but it’s already become too popular. UPDATE: I just checked the web site, and it seems this will be the last free Friday for a while. Sorry you missed it! Read More

Park Street Crap Fair

Nothing special about today’s crap fair – just a load of the usual stuff that nobody needs. The high point was discovering this Smart Car-only parking spot less than 100 feet from the main stage and the fabulous Sun Kings. BTW, This entry was made from Kelly‚Äôs iPhone using the new WordPress for iPhone App! Read More