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She’s My Daughter, And I’ll Call Her What Ever I Want!

And so, we have Dick, Fatso, Paul, Kelly and Jim at Haps’ in Pleasanton for another totally overindulgent, carnivorous, wine-drenched, *Atkins Approved* event.     Happy Birthday, Pauly! Read More

A Very Happy New Year’s Eve

Last night’s celebration was the most subdued ever for thedude. Kelly and I celebrated the arrival of 2004 with just two dear friends – Chris and Ben. As you can see, it turned out to be a beautiful evening. We wish all of you a healthy and prosperous new year! Read More

Go Back Jack, Do It Again

We have our trip mapped out. It begins with champagne and brunch at Jacks Bistro at noon, moves to the city for martinis at the Top of the Mark and ends with dinner at Soizic. I know,we’re getting predictable in our old age, but this day trip is really working for us. First with Jeff Read More


Our dear friend Bruce dropped by in the middle of his annual trip to the states. Kelly and I took him out for dinner one of our favorites – Le Cheval. We had a hoot reminiscing about the past and planning for the future. Unfortunately, it does not look as though we’ll have time to Read More

Bernard, Janet and Postrio

Janet and Bernard are in town for a few days on their way to a six week tour of seven European countries. How fun! We helped them begin their trip last night with a fabulous meal at one of San Francisco’s most famous restaurants – Postrio. Bernard brought three outstanding bottles of wine to drink Read More

Who’s Your Buddy?

The highlight of last night’s show at the scenc Mountain Winery was definitely the 90 minute performance by Buddy Guy. Our buddies Paul and Joanne drove more than two hours for the performance, which was fabulous. Even at 67 years old, Mr. Guy wowed the crowd with spellbinding guitar licks and vocals. The main attraction Read More

Oh-Ann and Lexy

I dated Ann when I was 24 – half a lifetime ago! Today, Ann and her 19 year old daughter Lexy dropped in on their way to a wedding in Santa Rosa. While Alexis napped in their room at the cozy Nob Hill Hotel, I subjected Ann to a whirlwind tourist treatment. The usual – Read More

Tachibana – Take II

Last night finds us at one of our most favorite restaurants with two of our most favorite people – Chris and Ben. We started the evening with wine and a cool sunset on their balcony. At the restaurant, Sam, our favorite sushi chef tried a special dish on us – he calls it “Wheel of Read More

Lelah’s in Town!

My dear friend Lelah visits far too infrequently. It’s been almost two years since we last saw her, so we had a lot to discuss last night. I can think of no better venue for good wine and fine conversation than my favorite – Soizic! (Am I too predictable?) It just so happens that Lelah Read More

Hot Afternoon in Tracy

Few things can motivate thedude to drive inland on a day like today. But a BBQ at Paul and Joanne’s home in Tracy is one of those things, especially if Paul’s lovely daughter and grand daughter are in town! So, despite the threat of 100-plus degree temperatures and a long scary drive, we braved the Read More

An Absolutely Incredible Book

My friend Chris Burt is thinking of selling one of his most prized posessions. It’s a totally amazing book with 150+ hand-painted plates, all with with incredible detail. The book simply must be seen to be fully appreciated. The first photo below describes the book better than I ever could.          Read More

More than a Pretty Picture

When my good friend Steve Wynd shot this, it was merely a spectacular night time shot of the New York skyline and some of mankind’s greatest engineering achievements… Read More

Milwaukee County Stadium

While on the subject of cool panoramic photos shot by friends, today’s Shot of the Day comes from my pal Mark Chestnut, who lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He took this full 360 degree panorama when Milwaukee’s Miller Park was nearly completed. Look closely, and can just make out the the new park in the background. Read More

World’s Third Highest Mountain

Not all of the pictures on this site were shot by me. This gorgeous panorama was taken by my friend Jim Davidson during a trek through northern India. Maybe I can get Jim to share a few thoughts about this – by far the best shot of Kanchenjunga I have ever seen. Read More

Chris and Ben and Toby!

Our holiday weekend ended at Chris and Ben’s fabulous home in the Oakland hills. We grazed on fantastic food and took in gorgeous views from the balcony in the unusually warm sun. Ahhh… As always, it’s great to see Toby. I have a lot of fond memories of the five years we spent together in Read More

Picnic in Tracy

It’s always great spending time with Paul and Joanna. Yesterday’s weather in Tracy was perfect for a barbecue. The wine was great, as was the conversation.      A very special thanks to Joanna for making one of her incredible strawberry cheesecakes for us. We’ll be bringing it to another outing tomorrow at Chris and Ben’s. Read More

Extreme Weather Guide

My friend Chris is working on a book. Weather is his passion – he went to college in Wisconsin because of the weather. His new book details weather extremes from around the world. Today the two of us put our heads together and worked out a preliminary design for the book cover. We’re quite pleased Read More

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