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iTunes Genius Is… Well… Genius!

iTunes is one of the main reasons I have not switched to a Mac. I really do not like it. All I want is a simple music player, and iTunes definitely does not fit into that category. And iTunes has some of the worst UI design flaws ever. (Don’t even get me started.) Well, the Read More

So, Does This Mean I’m a Complete Nerd?

I don’t think so. I can think of a whole bunch of people who would totally love Item Number One on this year’s wish list. Read More » Hearts A Mess film clip » Blog Archive » Hearts A Mess film clip. Check out my new favorite song/music video. I LOVE it! Thank you so much, Bill & Rebecca at Radio Paradise for turning me on to this! Read More

Surfing With thedude

Tonight, while listening to an excellent version of Particle Man by They Might Be Giants with its inspiring Stylophone solo, I was delighted to learn that They Might Be Giants perform the Daily Show theme song (unconfirmed) – but more importantly – that Rolf Harris was the Spokesman for the Stylophone. This naturally led me Read More

Allegro agitato!

Wow. We had a terrific weekend, and I have a throbbing headache this morning to prove it. Our friends Grant and Sandy are lucky enough to have one of the world’s greatest musicians in their family. Grant’s cousin Jon has a new CD out, and Grant was kind enough to have one signed and then Read More

It’s a Beautiful David LaFlamme Band

My new-found old friend Robbie set us up with VIP passes to the 40th Summer of Love Reunion in Monterey. The show turned out to be one of our all-time favorite live music events, mainly due to the “unstructuredness” of it all. No one seemed to care much about where anyone sat or if a Read More

More From the Mystic Beat Lounge/Harmony Festival

As difficult as it is shooting under these conditions, you can occasionally get some wildly colorful shots. Motion blur is unavoidable as using an on-camera flash is not an option in an environment this dark. Luckily, a little motion blur can work in your favor by helping to convey the mood. To get further into Read More

You Haven’t Changed a Bit!

You gotta love the Internet. This week it helped bring me back together with my roommate from 27 years ago. We exchanged a few emails and I learned that my old friend Rob Espinosa would be performing today at the Novato Art and Wine Festival. Kelly and I watched Rob play with the David LaFlamme Read More

Mystic Beat Lounge

Last night’s Mystic Beat Lounge, held at the enormous Grace Pavilion in Santa Rosa was headlined by “Hallucinogenius” Simon Posford, aka Shpongle. His performance was the highlight of the evening, but an earlier act, Australian band Ganga Giri really blew me away. This was another of those impossible-to-photograph events where lighting can only be characterized Read More

Dude Radio?

First of all, let me state up front that Kelly is my best wife – ever. There is no second place. She totally rocks. This week she granted me 77 hours of bird-less bliss. (Thank you Darling. The kindness of boarding your four sometimes lovable, but often totally annoying critters has not gone unnoticed. It Read More

Musical Keywords

The best thing ever to happen to computers is Adobe PhotoShop. Ask anyone who uses it every day. It’s mind-boggling. The second best thing is Winamp. Instant access to my vast music collection is a godsend. Winamp was such a breakthrough when I first saw it that I immediately sent my ten bucks to Justin Read More

Happy Birthday Sonja!

What a perfect evening. We celebrated Our dear friend Sonja’s birthday at Mountain Winery with Chris Isaak, who, just like Sonja, seems to get better with age. Chris treated his devoted and mostly female fans to awesome impressions of Elvis, Roy Orbison – even Robin Zander. Chris Isaak is a thoroughly professional entertainer who can Read More

Kids Say the Darndest Things

While driving home from dinner tonight at Luka’s Tap Room, I discovered that there’s a punk club one block from our loft. So, naturally, I grabbed my camera and went after some images. Tonight’s alcohol-free event looks like so much fun I might have to go back after dark to shoot the dingy club in Read More

Love Electronic Music?

Check out this incredible site. I’ve been listening to DI’s Chillout stream for a couple years now. This site does an impressive job at describing what “chillout” is as well as a myriad of other musical genres and provides links to mp3 streams as well. Thanks Tobias, for the tip! Read More

Radio Paradise

Finally! An Internet radio station we can both tolerate. Radio Paradise has a real live DJ, which seems to make a huge difference over machine-generated ramdom playlists. User supported, no ads, everything from Emmylou Harris to King Crimson. Tune in now! Read More

I Want My Fiona – Now!

I am delighted to discover that Mark Morford and myself are not alone in our quest for MORE FIONA! Read More

One in a Billion?

Luckily for us, our good friend Grant is a cousin of one the world’s most gifted musicians. With Grant’s help, we were able to score five seats in the second row at the resplendent Davies Symphony Hall for last night’s performance by Cliburn winner Jon Nakamatsu. I simply do not have words to describe the Read More

Who’s Your Buddy?

The highlight of last night’s show at the scenc Mountain Winery was definitely the 90 minute performance by Buddy Guy. Our buddies Paul and Joanne drove more than two hours for the performance, which was fabulous. Even at 67 years old, Mr. Guy wowed the crowd with spellbinding guitar licks and vocals. The main attraction Read More

Afro Celt Sound System at Stern Grove

This afternoon Jim and Kelly and more than 10,000 of our best friends attended a free concert in Stern Grove – one of San Francisco’s most excellent parks. The intimate park features a natural ampitheater where they have been holding free Sunday concerts for 66 years. Kelly and I jumped at the chance to see Read More

Cafe CoCoMo

Throbbing, rythmic, sweaty, sweet, sexy, dizzy, black light, colors, colors. I can’t wipe the smile from my face. Oh my! Read More

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