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Talented Artist/Neighbor

Did you know there is an independent animated movie being created in 4th Street Lofts? Neither did I. Read More

200 Second Street

One of my favorite new developments in the neighborhood is this one. What I really like is that the developer of the lofts at 200 Second Street had the stones to use colors other than the four or five “standard” exterior colors for new developments in the Bay Area. That along with some nice architectural Read More

Fun (But Dangerous) New Neighbors

Today we discovered that we have not one, but TWO wineries within stumbling distance of our loft. Both JC Cellars and Dashe Cellars recently opened tasting rooms less than three blocks away. What a great addition to our neighborhood. This is the kind of urban development we can support! Tasting is free, and the rich, Read More

A Small Gathering

At the last minute, we decided to host a small party this new year’s eve. The party was interesting. The power went out at 11:42 PM and stayed out for almost three hours – the longest power outage we’ve seen in the 11 years we’ve been in the loft! The party became much quieter and Read More

Housing Explosion!

Coming to your neigborhood soon. At least if you live in Oakland! Buildings like this are springing up everywhere. I’m very happy to see some of the new structures feature fun, creative color schemes. The blaze orange and powder blue looks great! I wonder if all this construction will lead to a housing glut in Read More

Magic Light

Kelly will undoubtedly be upset that I posted this, because as anyone can clearly see, the loft is a “total mess!” Sorry Kelly, but I just wanted to share with my friends and family the light that came into our home at 4:01 PM today. Our loft lighting has been different every day of the Read More

Everything in a Single File!

Just a quick note to ask you all to take a look at Tiddlywiki. I’m busy working on images for two other blog entries, but I just could not wait to tell you about this. When you view the TiddlyWiki site, bear in mind that you are viewing a single file. A rather small file, Read More

Kids Say the Darndest Things

While driving home from dinner tonight at Luka’s Tap Room, I discovered that there’s a punk club one block from our loft. So, naturally, I grabbed my camera and went after some images. Tonight’s alcohol-free event looks like so much fun I might have to go back after dark to shoot the dingy club in Read More

Yet Another Huge Print

I finished the third in my series of large panoramic shots for my building. I have to say that I’m somewhat jealous. This print is my best – I wish it was on my floor! I guess it’s true that practice makes perfect. I’d like to thank the Fourth Street Lofts Homeowners Association for having Read More

Olive, Ice Cream

We were lucky to have a few hours with our most excellent friend Olive. It was a lovely evening, so we took a short walk with Olive and her somewhat spastic dog, Frisco, to Ben and Jerry’s in beautiful Jack London Square. Yes, she ate the whole thing. Read More

Post New Year’s Party with the A-Team

What kind of a party can this group of party pros pull together with one day’s notice? A most excellent one! Thanks so much for coming, Tres, Jack, Dave, Leslie, Steve, Terra, Linda, Larry, Eric, John, Andrew, Christina, Ben, Vince, Scott, Justyna, Itzik, and Ellen. Happy New Year with love from thedude and Kellster. Read More

Printing REALLY Large

The hallway panorama is in! It looks pretty impressive, if I must say so myself. A major improvement. The nine foot wide print was made from a 10,000 pixel wide image consisting of four time exposures – approximately 30 seconds each – shot with a Nikon D2X. I used PhotoVista to do the stitching; Pictopia Read More

We Love Our Neighbors

Really – we do. Tres, Jim, Kelly and Jack suck down a few mai tais at Conga Lounge. (Shot with the Canon G3 – still the best point-and-shoot digital camera that we know of.) Read More

The Blinds are Up!

After three failed attempts to get them up, we finally did it. It wasn’t easy. We had to glue and screw a piece of wood to the crumbly concrete above the 12 foot window, then attach the mounting hardware to it. Thanks very much to our friend Dave for the expert help! We could not Read More

You Just Have to FEEL It!

Andrew has finished his magic – for now – and the result is this spectacular piece of work on our pillars! We are soooo happy with the beautiful venetian plaster applied by the master. What you don’t see here is the wonderful sensual texture of the polished plaster. It feels like cold marble. YUM! Thank Read More

Hip-Hip Hoo-Ray!

One of our favorite neighbors celebrated the big four-oh this evening with 60 or so of his closest friends and family members. Thanks for the great party, Ray, and thanks to your mother for the wonderful food! Read More

Strike a Pose

Kelly, Olive and Ursula ham it up at Jack and Tres’ last night. We’ll be seeing these beautiful kids again later this evening at the Second Official Friday Movie Night in Loft 105! Tonight we’ll be projecting Master and Commander on the big white wall. Popcorn and wine await us! Read More

Why I Love Living Here

I took this shot of my fabulously talented and entertaining neighbor Andrew and his beautiful daughter Ursula in front of one of his latest works – developed, partly from a picture I shot. (This canvas will be glued to the wall of a hospital waiting room.) What a fantasic way to begin the day!!! What Read More

What? Another Dude?

A friend just sent this. I’m calling my lawyer. 🙂 Read More

More Real Than Real?

I’m continuing my work on the 3D loft project. This week I learned a lot about achieving high-quality output. I now have the sun placed into the scene, more accurate color, better textures, etc. Here’s a virtual view of the northeast corner of my building at 11:30 AM on June 4th, 2004. Click on the Read More

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