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Beautiful Photo Blog

Just a quick post to introduce you to a very cool blog with teriffic photography. Makes me think I need to change everything about my blog. I really like the way the author crops the thumbnail images. I wish I’d thought of that! Hunkabutta: Tokyo photos, a stranger’s life in pictures Read More

Marriage Drains a Man’s Creative Juices?

…Not just his pocketbook! (Just kidding, Kelly.) Sci Tech News – from ABC News Online 10/07/2003 Marriage may tame genius Read More

Internet Movie Archive

My friend Cindy just sent a link to a very cool site. Check it out. I guarnatee that there is something that will interest you at the Moving Image Archive. Read More

Sites on My Server

I have the pleasure of hosting some pretty cool sites on my server. Please take a moment to look at one of them by an amazing illustrator – Charlie Powell. Read More

Todd’s a Bit Odd…

Oh my gawd, I wish I had seen this before Valentine’s Day! While you’re at it, check out every single one of the excellent cartoons (they’re more like funny comic strips with motion) at Odd Todd’s. After the first two, I was completely hooked. Read More

Feelin’ Lazy

OK, so I don’t post to my blog every day. Especially when I have to re-number our network again and move the servers again. Add to that tonight’s H.O.A. meeting and I’m just un-motivated as hell. I did find this gem, though. Read More

Straight Dope

I could spend a whole day on this web page. Read More

Follow-up to Bad Day Below

Tthis story is just too amazing to miss. Unbelievable!!! Climber who amputated own arm describes ordeal Read More

So, You Think You Had a Bad Day?

Colorado climber who amputated his arm had no other choice, rescuer says Read More

Time for a Change…

I did it! my blog is now my home page. I never touch the pages on my old web site any more, so I figured it was time. If you’re looking for old links, you’ll find most of them on the left hand side of this page. Hope you enjoy the new look. Read More

Whoa! It’s a BLOG!

Woo-hoo! I finally did it. I set up my first BLOG (weB LOG). Of course, I had help. I used the terrific bloging software from moveabletype. I had a look at Blogger, but I think that moveabletype creates the best-looking blogs out there – with a minimum of effort. This page looks like it’s been Read More

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