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The Dude Rolls at the Oscars

So, like, e-mail me, Dude. We can talk about the domain name. But only if you’ll promise to do a sequel. 😉 Read More

Sorry Don’t Get It Done, Dude

OK, I have never embedded a youtube video, and I may never do it again, but this one’s definitely fun. Read More

Dissertations on His Dudeness

View the review of The Year’s Work in Lebowski Studies” and other books on the serious subject of Dudeness here. Read More

Evander Barry Wall

King of the Dudes. Read More

Yet Another Amazing Illusion

Believe it our not, the “green” and “blue” lines are the same color. Not convinced? See the Read More

A Cool Illusion

You already know I love Bad Astronomy Blog and optical illusions. Today I bring you both. Read More

Hard Core Lebowski Fans Rejoice   Read More

Walk in the ‘Hood

It’s a warm day. Spring is definitely in the air. Time for me and my camera to take a walk. My respect and sympathy to the families who lost a husband, dad, son. A terrible price. Read More

I’m So Hooked on This Site!

My neighbor sent me a link to this page, and now I’ve spent close to 90 minutes looking at this site. Please check it out. Be prepared to spend some time. Scroll, baby, scroll. Follow the related links that appear at the bottom of each page. Go off on some wild tangent. Enjoy! Read More

Where’s thedude Been?

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. In my defense, I’ll lay out the old “I’m so busy” excuse. Pretty lame, but there is some truth in the statement. As you know, this is not the only blog I maintain. I have been blogging a lot at work. I’ve also been wasting a lot Read More

Design Envy

Sites like this one make me want to re-design mine. So clean. A perfect showcase for his amazing work. Read More

Happy Inauguration Day

Finally! Read More

Need a laugh?

OMG, check out the hilarious Santa Tantrum Awards! Read More

Xenophon Kids

More pictures from this inspirational event here. Read More

High Wire Artist

We don’t see many squirrels in our concrete jungle, so we were pleasantly surprised to spot this little fellow out our second floor window. Read More

A New Feature on

Embedded streaming video! Get the Flash Player to see this movie.   I found an inexpensive MOV to FLV converter which produces pretty decent results. The files are much smaller that the source Quicktime files, and still have much of the quality – even at large sizes. This means I can now stream video like Read More

Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatar

It would be very cool if all of you got your very own Gravatar. Then, when you leave a comment on or any other site that supports Gravatars, we’ll all get to see your smiling face! Or your cat’s face or your bird’s butt or anything else that says something about who you are. Read More

Meet My New Business Partner

When I shot this, I accidentally had the lens open to f1.4. The resulting haziness and shallow depth of focus looks pretty cool. I’m going to have to use this effect again! Read More

Linden Street Brewery

The gang enjoys free beer on Friday at the Linden Street Brewery. I’d say you should check it out, but it’s already become too popular. UPDATE: I just checked the web site, and it seems this will be the last free Friday for a while. Sorry you missed it! Read More

Martian Skies

Behold some of the most amazing images ever seen by humankind – Martian Skies. Read More

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