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Interesting Comment

I just noticed a very interesting comment to a post I made almost fourteen years ago. Look at the comment from “Lemou” on this page. Read More

Step One in My Recovery

To deactivate your account: Click the account menu at the top right of any Facebook page. Select Settings. Click Security in the left column. Choose Deactivate your account then follow the steps to confirm. Read More

One Million G+ Views, Now What?

It makes me wonder what could be made of this notoriety. What does one million views really mean? Is there a way to profit from them? There are some money-making ideas out there. Perhaps one day I’ll try to do something serious with this cool domain name. Read More

March 6th is Day of the Dude

Nobody calls me Lebowski. You got the wrong guy. I’m the Dude, man. Read More

Easiest Site Redesign Ever

WordPress 3.8 ships with a gorgeous new default theme. The theme, named twentyfourteen contains a lot of the cool features found on modern websites everywhere like a fun image slider, beautiful Google Web Fonts, and a Responsive Design meant to provide the “optimal viewing experience” on all browsers and devices. It seems to work well Read More

Mystery Solved!

The etymology of Dude. Read More

Sundial Bridge, Redding

We’re a long way from the truly spectacular Milwaukee Art Museum, but not all that far from another beautiful Santiago Calatravo design. The Sundial Bridge is a gorgeous and unexpected treasure in Redding, California. Read More

Lost in Translation

Vonage voicemail to email transcription works really well. Most of the time. “Sean Sullivan calling from Kelly Hunter. I’ve been involved in the community for last pictures look really young people of cheeks, it’s Johnson. Please call David school and I’m running for Oakland city Council. Issues may well know we sent you some cereal. Read More

Aliens Ate My Desktop

The cool thing about this shot is that my headphone cable really did find this shape on its own. I glanced down and there was this alien staring up at me. All I did was add the Stim-U-Dent mouth. Read More

A Clean Desk is a Happy Desk

File under Desktop Portraiture. Read More

It’s a Gas

I spotted this outside of our office yesterday, and thought it’d make a “cool” shot. Read More

How Does This Happen?

I just saw this in front of our office. Great googly-moogly! Read More

Favorite Birthday Card

Thanks Dawn, for the hilarious birthday card. Read More

Wrong Place, Right Time

This rainbow peaked while I was on the Embarcadero in the city on my way to the top floor of the Transamerica Pyramid. The shot might have been better from almost any other vantage point – assuming that a rainbow was actually visible from any other vantage point. This beauty lasted all of two minutes. Read More

Best “Thanks For Shopping” Letter Ever

Kelly received this after buying a bridle for Bandit this afternoon. Thank you from Action Rider Tack! Today your order was lovingly removed from our shelves by Julie, our Product Specialist, and placed into our velvet-lined wheelbarrow. Our 5-member equine team, headed by Royale Rouge, inspected your items to make sure they were in the Read More

Finally – a Decent Campaign Ad

In light of all the mud-slinging and negative ads we’ve endured in the past couple of months, this is just wonderful. The only thing that could’ve made the ad better is if they’d have hired Will Lyman to do the voice-over. Read More

Chris Burt Weather Blog!

Congratulations to Chris, whose first weather blog appeared this morning on Weather Underground! Read More

Busy Boy

Whew! What a month it’s been! The lack of blog activity only hints at how busy I’ve been. My new job is chewing up every free moment, and I love it. If you know me, you know that I’m happiest when I’m busy. The new job is a blast. I have control over lots of Read More

30 Inch Monitor, 100 Year Old Photographs

One of the unfortunate aspects of owning a 30″ monitor is that, aside from, there are very few web sites that post images at a resolution any wear near full-screen size. And, if you’re like me, you bought that 30″ monitor because you like images, right? There’s nothing quite like a super sharp image Read More

Bilateral Upper Lid Blepharoplasty

I know – pretty scary. But this image shows why I’m going in for surgery today. Excess fat in my eyelids pushes my eyelashes down into my field of view making everything a bit blurry. I’ve been trimming my eyelashes with a scissors for the last few years, but aside from being dangerous and difficult Read More

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