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Flyer Gets a Facelift

Inspired by the incredibly useful Before and After magazine, I decided to re-design a flyer for a friend. The old flyer seemed rather bland to me. It didn’t say enough about Chef Julie’s awesome cooking skills, and it placed her image at the bottom of the page, like an afterthought. The new flyer adds a Read More

More Visualizations with PhotoShop

There has been some talk lately of painting the exterior of our building. I’m very excited about the prospect – so excited that I climbed up on the construction site across the street and shot some images of the building specifically for visualization purposes. My 12 millimeter lens was not quite wide enough to capture Read More

Virtually Amazing

Andrew’s stunning Virtual Playa continues to evolve. His incredible Flight Sim scenery already includes half of this year’s Burningman installations, as well as most of the major installations from past events. Burningman founders have finally taken notice and are working with Andrew on a major multimedia installation for Burningman 2005. More news soon! Read More

The Ultimate Visualization Tool

Kelly and I decided to pick a few shots from our Europe trip and have them printed for the living room wall. So, I used PhotoShop and it’s amazing new Vanishing Point tool to throw together a mock-up of the wall for visualization purposes. This helped us choose the images and play with placement as Read More

Quiet Computer Case on Steriods

I hate to admit it, but really do want this thing. It’s sooo geeky – so beautiful! I’ve been lusting after it half the day. What makes it so appealing – aside from its thick, throbbing manliness – is that it’s a completely silent PC case. The case contains exactly zero fans and works with Read More

There’s More to Life Than Photography

I can’t believe I just said that! Anyway, just so you know that I’m not getting lazy… I’ve been working on a proposal to add some color to our building’s hallways. I have to make a good presentation if I am to get any agreement between all the members of our association. I’ve also been Read More

What a Shame

The owners of Andrew and Barbara’s loft will be painting over this awesome example of Andrew’s skill as a muralist. Andrew has a better understanding of perspective and of how to fool the eye than anyone I’ve ever known. His work is amazing. You can’t see it here, but Andrew even took the time to Read More

What I’ve Learned About Photography

We all know this – and it’s absolutely true. Hardware has almost nothing to do with the quality of your work. I’m convinced that results don’t even have much to do with skill. What it’s about is motivation. I mean, what if I had shot the images in the collages I hung in our hallway Read More

You Just Have to FEEL It!

Andrew has finished his magic – for now – and the result is this spectacular piece of work on our pillars! We are soooo happy with the beautiful venetian plaster applied by the master. What you don’t see here is the wonderful sensual texture of the polished plaster. It feels like cold marble. YUM! Thank Read More

And Then…

…all the pieces come together. Read More

Now THIS is Exciting!

I first noticed the fabulous fat typeface used on the Golden Gate Bridge when my daughter Kerry visited last year. I instantly loved it. I took this picture with the thought that I might use the typeface in a future design. Well, it turns out that I don’t need to go through all the trouble Read More

It’s Wish List Time Again!

The first item for 2004 is this fabulous luggage cart. My friend Grant has one. It’s very light and compact due to its excellent design, and super sturdy. Read More

Another Brilliant Idea From Apple

Once again the designers at Apple have come up with a must-have toy. Their new AirPort incorporates some way cool features. Among them – the ablity to stream music from iTunes to this wireless device which then connects to your stereo. Check it out! It’s already on my wish-list. I can finally stream music to Read More

The Sign is Up!

The latest rendering… Read More

More Real Than Real?

I’m continuing my work on the 3D loft project. This week I learned a lot about achieving high-quality output. I now have the sun placed into the scene, more accurate color, better textures, etc. Here’s a virtual view of the northeast corner of my building at 11:30 AM on June 4th, 2004. Click on the Read More

Back to the Drawing Board

Now that I am actually reading a book about 3D Max, it’s become clear that up until now I’ve done almost everything wrong. So now I am more-or-less starting over. Baby steps. I’m beginning with one of the building’s predominant features – its windows. I have to quit soon, though. Kelly says it’s weird to Read More

Back in 3D Space!

I had been asked by the previous Homeowners Association if it was possible for me to photograph the building and create masks so that we could visualize different color treatments. This would be simple except that there is no vantage point from which to get a decent shot of the building. That was just the Read More

Put a Fork in It!

Andrew’s very first rendered scene is a beauty. We had this printed poster-size. It’s looks completely awesome! Of course, it would look great as a postcard card too! (Andrew – are you listening?) Read More

Extreme Weather Cover, rev. 1

Chris and I revisited his book cover again this afternoon. The publisher thought our first cover looked a bit “too old fashioned”. We spent just 30 minutes or so, but I think our minor changes made a major difference. It’s amazing what a splash of color and a different font/case can do for a design. Read More

Wish List Item Number 6

I should not even need to mention this, but just to be perfectly clear… Of course I want an iPod! Doesn’t everyone? UPDATE: My truly wonderful wife bought me a 30 gig iPod for my birthday! Woo-hoo! (Now I just need that Mac laptop…) Read More

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