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Dude Radio?

First of all, let me state up front that Kelly is my best wife – ever. There is no second place. She totally rocks. This week she granted me 77 hours of bird-less bliss. (Thank you Darling. The kindness of boarding your four sometimes lovable, but often totally annoying critters has not gone unnoticed. It Read More

Redesign Complete

Now that IE7 will be distributed through Microsoft’s automatic updates, I feel it’s safe to incorporate PNG transparency into my site design. If you see a white box where the header should appear on this page, please upgrade to IE7 or better still, use a different browser! (Opera, perhaps?) Read More

One More Book Under the Wire

This weekend is your last chance to get 50% off on $100 or more worth of books at MyPublisher. I made one more quick book this morning and ordered 12 copies for 75 bucks with shipping. You really should try it. It’s fun! There is no cheaper way to see a bunch of your favorite Read More

New and Improved!

MyPublisher released a new version of their cool book-making software. The new version has a few key enhancements. First of all, BookMaker 2.0 looks much more like a book. You now also have the ability to print pages with black backgrounds. YAY! There are other new features, but these two alone make the upgrade worthwhile. Read More

Not Entirely My Idea

I really wish I could take credit for the redesign idea, but it was the always inspirational Before and After Magazine that made me do it. The latest issue contains a story about this attractive site. What peaked my interest is that this design clearly rewards people with a lot of screen real estate. My Read More

Fantastic Fire Arts Festival

Wherein Utilikilt-clad white male fire-worshippers from around the Bay Area converge on the Crucible in Oakland for their 6th annual Fire Arts Festival and play in public with very dangerous but mesmerizing big boy toys. Whoa. The things we saw there definitely fall into the “Don’t try this at home” category. This ain’t your Mother’s Read More

Pano Tools and PT Assembler

You know I love panoramic photography. I’m always looking for tools to help me improve my results. Some months ago I downloaded Pano Tools and Pano Tools Assembler, but never found the time to try them out – until today. After my first hour with Pano Tools, all I can say is, “W-W-W-WOW!” There are Read More

thedude’s Work at Aqua Via

Once in a while thedude takes a paying photo job. Hey, he has to pay off these expensive photography toys! This client wanted some generic Jack London Square shots to help promote their new apartments on 2nd and Jackson – a couple blocks from here. We toured the building yesterday. The units are fairly nice, Read More

Suburban Illusions – From Camera to Book in One Day

Steve made these images on a sunny Hayward afternoon while riding his cherry 1942 AMC Flash Cruiser, recently resuscitated from a 64 year stint in a “barn at Francis’ house”. The unretouched Fuji FinePix E900 images were dragged directly into a MyPublisher book. Here are a couple of spreads from this sure-to-be-instant-classic. The process took Read More

Can You Spot the Difference?

Of course you can! Another photographic blunder saved by PhotoShop. Read More

Yet Another Huge Print

I finished the third in my series of large panoramic shots for my building. I have to say that I’m somewhat jealous. This print is my best – I wish it was on my floor! I guess it’s true that practice makes perfect. I’d like to thank the Fourth Street Lofts Homeowners Association for having Read More

Oakland’s Magnificent Fox Theater

My recent visit to the Oakland Fox Theater was very interesting. I saw first hand what nearly 40 years of neglect will do to a building. The photos below look better than the building does “in person”. The shots below give a clue to the condition of the walls and the plaster pretty much throughout Read More

Oakland’s Magnificent Paramount Theater

I booked a private tour today with the intention of shooting a couple of panoramas of the interior of this gorgeous theater. When I saw just how dark it is inside, I was a bit worried. However, I am anything but disappointed with the results. Even though every image was a time exposure of several Read More

This Saves Me a Bundle

Recently I have been toying with the idea of buying a color printer. Epson and HP make some fine printers that offer superior quality to any traditional printing methods. I’m pretty picky about my images, and thought that this would be the cheapest way to share prints of my favorite images with friends and family. Read More

Fabulous Free Photo Album Tools

This weekend while searching for an easy-to-use photo blogging tool, I came across a couple of very cool tools. Both make it easy to build very slick photo album pages for the web with a few clicks. The first is Porta. This totally cool Windows application allows you to build pages like this easily. It Read More

Kelly’s Cool Christmas Ornaments

Kelly took the tree down yesterday. These little guys are a bit odd, but awfully cute. I’ll miss them. Read More

thedude’s Fiddieth Birthday Party Invitation

It just dawned on my that some of you might not have seen the fabulous party invitation. 🙂 Thanks to Apple for supplying the terrific iPod ads and to this great blog for a helpful tutorial. BTW, if you like iPods and PhotoShop, give this fun tutorial a spin. You are guaranteed to learn something Read More

Jumpin’ Jack Chestnut

From time to time friends send me fabulous images. This is definitely one of them. Meet Jack. The black and white is a nice touch don’t you think? It really sets off the metallic costume from its leafy surroundings. Most excellent costume and photography by Siobhan Chestnut. Fabulous! Read More

Size Doesn’t Matter…

What matters is how BIG it is. There are many great things to say about this new configuration. I still have a vertically oriented monitor for browsing and working on portrait-oriented documents. (That’s just about everything, right?) In addition, I now have a huge, brilliant canvas for displaying and editing images. I briefly considered a Read More

Low Tech – High Concept

Our neighbors/friends Jack and Tres (see below) needed a quick web site so that they could pitch their fun idea for a Burningman theme camp. (All they really wanted to do is obtain permission to arrive early at Black Rock City.) So, they threw a site together quickly using hand-drawn graphics and a simple site Read More

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